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an armchair critic

One who speaks critically on topics one actually knows little to nothing about. My uncle is such an armchair critic about the classes I'm taking—the fact that he never went to college doesn't stop him from weighing in! Stop being an armchair critic and let me fix my car, since I actually know what I'm doing here!
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an armchair traveler

One who speaks authoritatively about traveling despite not traveling often. Don't let him discourage you when he's just an armchair traveler who's never been out of the country!
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stop-watch critic

A critic whose strict, traditional views prevent them from fully seeing or understanding that which is being is analyzed. You can't expect a stop-watch critic to understand your futuristic vision for your artwork.
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an armchair critic

a person who knows about a subject only by reading or hearing about it and criticizes without active experience or first-hand knowledge.
The phrase armchair critic is first recorded in 1896 , but the concept was around at least a decade earlier: in 1886 Joseph Chamberlain sneered at opponents as ‘arm-chair politicians’. Another common variant is armchair traveller , meaning ‘someone who travels in their imagination only’.
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an armchair critic, traveller, etc.

a person who knows about a subject only from what they have heard or read and not from personal experience: He’s what you might call an ‘armchair traveller’, having never actually been outside Europe.
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The festival's director and film critic, Issam Zakaria, said that Abu Shadi played a great role in establishing and supporting the Ismailia Film Festival.
Disney called the story "unfair coverage" and tweeted that the newspaper had been "put on pause" by Disney, "barring its reporters and critics from seeing [Disney] movies."
Two such critics who can satisfy Ozick's criteria are the polymath Edmund Wilson and Lionel Trilling, who based his criticism on moral as well as aesthetic grounds.
Scott notes that critics are often wrong in their assessments and that is how it must be in a field based on intuition, judgment, and conjecture.
Word on the web Food critic Jay Rayner says he won't visit Cardiff again AS a food critic isn't his job to be critical - good or bad - of where he goes?
When Windman became the regular critic for amNewYork he was anxious to speak to other critics to learn more about the craft.
The Critics' Choice pre-show was hosted by "Entertainment Tonight" hosts Samantha Harris and Kevin Frazier.
Where have the heavyweight professional critics Janet Maslin, Carrie Rickey, Caryn James, Leah Rozen, Eleanor Ringel, Lisa Schwarzbaum, Susan Wloszczyna, Claudia Puig, Christy Lemire, Lisa Kennedy and Katherine Monk gone, once they took the buyout or got shifted from their perch?
With the closing of the USC Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Program earlier this year, die O'Neill is now one of the only professional-development avenues for working critics. Some entities--like the Goodman Theatre, which has a young-critics' program for girls, and the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, whose winners are given spots at the O'Neill--host education-based initiatives for aspiring journalists.
Jay Earley (author), Bonnie Weiss (author); FREEDOM FROM YOUR INNER CRITIC; Sounds True (Nonfiction: Self-Help) 16.95 ISBN: 9781604079425
What may cure this annoying minority of critics who write reviews that read more like high school book reports is-perversely--the same entity that threatens to destroy criticism as a profession: the Internet.
We also have "cultural" critics and "social" critics.
ABC Media Productions announced that when the TV show returns for the new season, its reviewer/hosts will be film critics A.O.
"One can count the standout critics throughout that time on maybe two hands."
Gulf film festival hosts second 'gulf nights' with region's film critics