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a crick in (one's) back

A sudden pain or stiffness in one's back, as from a cramp or spasm. Dad got a crick is his back while trying to move that big box.
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a crick in (one's) neck

A sudden pain or stiffness in one's neck, as from a cramp or spasm. I got a crick in my neck when I whipped my head around to see what was running through our yard.
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crick in one's back

a twisted or cramped place in the back that causes pain. I can't move! I've got a crick in my back! I had a crick in my back all night and I couldn't sleep.
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crick in one's neck

Fig. a twisted place or a cramp in the neck that causes pain. I got a crick in my neck from sleeping in a draft. When I read on the plane, I get a crick in my neck.
See also: crick, neck
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Prof Crick will formally stand for election as a director at Glas Cymru's next Annual General Meeting in July 2018.
The research fund will be used to support Crick researchers in projects at an early 'pre-competitive' stage of development.
A man from the crowd told Mr Crick to "be quiet" adding the Mr Johnson was "trying to talk".
Bloom concluded his verbal onslaught by grabbing the brochure, swatting Crick with it and then throwing it to the ground, shouting: "Disgraceful.
Watson copied down all Franklin's data before returning to Cambridge and sharing the stolen information with Crick.
The letter also features a diagram of the helix structure of DNA, which Crick describes as "very beautiful.
The seven-page handwritten letter from Francis Crick in Cambridge, England, to Michael Crick at his boarding school concludes, "Read this carefully so that you will understand it.
In a series of fascinating clips, Watson recounts the realization that he and Crick had determined the structure of DNA: "About 24 hours after being told that I was wasting my time, I changed the location of the hydrogen atoms on the paper, cardboard base pairs that I'd made, and did that on the last day of February of 1953, a Saturday morning.
Mr Crick said: "I am delighted to be joining London Stansted Airport at what is a very exciting, as well as challenging time.
This new book by Nathan Crick explores the integral relationship between philosophical pragmatism and rhetoric.
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This book by Robert Olby provides a detailed intellectual biography of Francis Crick, best known for his work on the DNA double helix.
of Pittsburgh, provides a full-length biography of scientist Francis Crick (1916-2004).
2) Furthermore, the criticism that has accrued around the natural, topographical, imperial, and family histories Crick relates actually occludes the narrative project of the novel.
ONE of the most virulent of the media witch-hunters is Michael Crick, the Robespierre of Newsnight.