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crème de la crème

Of a person or a thing, the very best of a similar group or type. Literally translated from French as "cream of the cream." This car is the crème de la crème of luxury vehicles. Janet is the crème de la crème of photographers.
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the ˌcrème de la ˈcrème

(from French, formal or humorous) the best people or things of their kind: This university takes only the crème de la crème of school leavers.Naturally, only the crème de la crème have been invited to the wedding.
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Repeat until all your mixture is used up then place them all on a plate, finish with generous squiggles of your Creme Egg chocolate sauce and sprinkle with icing sugar.
CREME EGG GOO-RIFFIC DRIZZLE CAKE (SERVES 10) INGREDIENTS For the sponge: 160g caster sugar 60ml sunflower oil (any unflavoured oil will do) 1 egg 100g plain flour 35g cocoa powder 1/2tsp bicarbonate of soda 1/2tsp baking powder 1/4tsp salt 100ml milk For the icing: 1 Cadbury Creme Egg 100g icing sugar Orange food colouring METHOD 1.
TOP TIP: If you want to use full sized creme eggs instead of mini ones, simply swap the nine mini creme eggs for two full sized ones.
Mondelez-owned Cadbury annoyed fans of the traditional Creme Egg when it changed the chocolate shell coating
Toast With oat BramBleS FRAICHE, Warm Creme CRUMBLE Vanilla 1tb Serves 4 The crumble 100g rolled oats 100g coarse brown bs breadcrum brown sugar 2tbsp 1tbsp cinnamon 1 egg white, whisked The brambles 400g brambles, fresh or frozen sp heather honey Knob of butter Squeeze of lemon juice 1tsp sugar Vanilla creme good qu a lit fraiche 5tbsp creme fraiche pod, 1/2 vanilla seeds scraped out in oven for 15 mins at 200C.
And who could forget the Cadbury's Creme Egg chicken, aka Norman Moon, as he prepared to fly the new-look Creme Eggs to London by balloon from the Cadbury's sports field in Bournville, in 1990?
Like greek yogurt, Petite Creme is high in protein.
In 2013 we sold almost 10,000 Cadbury Creme Eggs at Easter, and are well on our way to beating this figure this year.
Wessam Eldin Shehata, general manager, Creme de la creme, said: "Studio Masr restaurants are designed to give customers an exclusive dish from Middle Eastern Cuisine and an Egyptian film experience.
Headquartered in Goias, Creme Mel is the largest ice cream producer in the Mid-West of Brazil.
Lemon Honey Creme is now port of the whipped honey line from Brush Prairie, Wash.
19 -- Welcome this winter with the gift of Cold Creme from Jolen which brightens up your skin and makes it soft and glowing .
The basil and mint creme fraiche is really easy to make - it finishes the salmon off well and serve with a good salad or a handful of rocket - it makes a wonderful light dish.