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From Repeatable Objects to Creatable Concrete Universals
Now, just like other concrete things in this world, some are creatable (e.
We are merely claiming that the best account of creatable repeatable objects, such as musical works and literary fictions, requires us to accept the existence of concrete universals.
24) Anthony Ralls argues for the conclusion that some works of art are creatable universals.
The arranged financing by Galen has supported Creatable Media to continue its growth, target new clients and render the opportunity to expand markets.
Stephen Moses, Vice Chairman of Galen Capital Group, LLC, commented, "We are enthusiastic for Creatable Media and intend to continue in supporting this emerging Company.
Our medium is unique in an exceptionally fast-paced industry," said Vince Pierse, President of Creatable Media, Inc.
Creatable Media's tabletops already reach some 50 million consumers each month, within the country's most coveted markets, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, and Miami.
Given this level of consumer response, we were delighted, but not surprised, when our data shows that consumers spend an average of up to 30 minutes at our tables," adds Poom Chantha, Creatable Media's Chief Operating Officer.
Custom crafted from high-quality acrylic materials, Creatable Media's tabletops are sleek, modern and add a touch of elegance to the aesthetics of food courts.