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coyote ugly

Extremely ugly, especially of a sexual partner. A: "I'm sure that coyote ugly chick would go out with a loser like you." B: "Ha-ha, very funny."
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(ˈkɑɪot ˈəgli and ˈkɑɪoti ˈəgli)
mod. extremely ugly. (see also double-bagger, triple-bagger. Supposedly, if one woke up and found one’s arm around a coyote-ugly person, one would chew off one’s arm—in the manner of a coyote escaping from a steel-jaw trap—rather than pull it back away from this person.) Is that your pet monkey, or is your date just coyote-ugly?
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The bar owner in the movie is Lil, and in real life, the owner of the brand, Liliana Lovell is still the CEO and founder who hand picks the team of Coyotes at each bar opening.
COYOTE Ugly Saloon is opening its fifth bar in the UK - and it's promising to shake up the nightlife scene on Broad Street.
Andrew Rutter, a forest district wildlife ecologist, said coyotes in the area likely are acting differently because they have puppies nearby.
In historic times, coyotes (Canis latrans) were creatures of western North America, but have managed to increase their range to all 49 of the continental states as well as parts of Mexico and Canada.
Conversely, there are more humans in urban areas, and that means more food for coyotes, including an abundance of cats, small dogs, and other household pets.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission urged dog owners to walk their pets on a short leash and keep them in enclosed spaces to avoid encounters with coyotes. Meanwhile, the state wildlife officers said ( Pool will not face any charges for killing the animal.
A famous US bar that's known for its dancing bar girls , is set to open a second venue in Wales, and they are on the hunt for coyotes.
A: That is a large Eastern coyote; there is no species of "coywolf." The genetic mix in Eastern coyotes was noted in "Rise of the Eastern Coyote" in the June 2014 issue of the Conservationist.
A very practical reason for hunting coyotes is for the pelts.
Work has already begun on Arch 2 on Whitworth Street West, which bosses say will be known for 'Coyotes dancing on the bar, American style BBQ food and a wild atmosphere'.
WHEN MANGE-STRICKEN COYOTES began wandering the streets and yards on Venice island last summer, something close to hysteria took hold.
With the American Coyotes taking the lead on Wednesday and easing their Liverpool counterparts into a typical night at the Ugly and the night being ticket-only, the place wasn't as full as it could have been, but we're confident it won't be like that once the public are allowed over the threshold.
Yep, coyotes are everywhere these days, even in places they didn't inhabit a decade ago.