count (someone or something) in

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count (someone or something) in

To include someone or something in something, especially as participants are being recruited. Often used as an imperative. Of course I want to go to the amusement park with you guys—count me in! Did you count Cathy in? She said that she'll make something for the potluck as well. Count this old tray in with the other things to be sold at the yard sale.
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count someone in (for something)

 and count someone in (on something);count someone in
to include someone as part of something. Please count me in for the party. Do count me in on it. Count in everybody who said they would attend.
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count something in

to include something in a count of something. Did you count the tall ones in? Did you count in the tall ones in the corner?
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count in

Include, as in Can all the members be counted in? or I'd love to come; count me in. [Mid-1800s]
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