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corral (someone or something)

To steer or guide someone or something into a particular place. The dog corralled the sheep back into their pen.
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corral someone or something

Fig. to herd someone or something into a corral or other enclosed space. It took the cowboys two hours to corral the mustangs. The nursery school teacher herded the kids off the playground and corraled them in the classroom.
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corral dust

n. nonsense, lies, and exaggeration. (A euphemism for bullshit.) The way Judy handles the corral dust, she must be running for political office.
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General Edgardo de Leon, said he personally knows Gallardo and Corrales.
Corrales, for his part, has denied the allegations, saying, "We denounce this list as it is not only aimed to intimidate me in my work as a journalist but has endangered my family.
El ganado caprino pasa las noches dentro de corrales con muros construidos con plantas espinosas y durante el dia esta suelto en las areas de pastoreo comunales.
"This is by far the most talented group of boys I have ever coached,'' Corrales said.
Corrales advanced after beating Lachie Villanueva 227-213 in the step-ladder finale of the women's division.
But Corrales, who is one of the de facto government's negotiators, said that since congress would not be in session before the elections, Zelaya would not be confirmed in office.
Corrales said: "This is the first time these horses have been on grass since they came over here last Thursday.
Vivien Harris and Diego Corrales have both been in the ring with the Guyanan.
Corrales was on deck five times before fight was stopped in the 10th.
Castillo's epic battles with the late Diego Corrales established the 33-year-old as one of the most exciting fighters in the world and placed him high on the list of preferable opponents.
Castillo's first fight with Corrales - when he decked his rival twice in the 10th round before being knocked out himself - will go down as one of the greatest of all time.
To that end he has been taking careful note of Corrales' first performance against Castillo, believing a similar kind of approach could pay rich dividends.
RICKY Hatton has vowed to honour the memory of former world lightweight champion Diego Corrales by producing an explosive performance against Jose Luis Castillo at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas tomorrow night.