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Cheney on the Future of Corporates & CUs: CUNA CEO Bill Cheney discusses the new corporate credit union regulation and natural person credit unions.
CEOs and Volunteers Dismissed By NCUA at Seized Corporates: The three corporate credit unions placed into conservatorship Sept.
Legacy Asset Trust Will Prevent Write-Downs, Increase Transparency: NCUA will transfer the legacy assets from five seized corporates into a trust, and securitize them for investors from there.
Executives Debate the Causes and Effects of the Corporate Crisis: Can corporates promise members they won't again leverage risk to chase yield and avoid a fourth systemic crisis?
On-Site Coverage: Credit Unions Responsible for Corporate Crisis, Mercer Says: Is there a future for corporates?
Thompson: Corporate Recapitalization Question Mirrors Movement's Future: When it comes to recapitalizing corporates is it a matter of cooperate more or less?
One of the biggest stories CU Times covered in the past 25 years was the corporate crisis.
NCUA Corporate Lawsuits Greenlighted in Denver: After a year's delay, the NCUA can move forward with its lawsuit in Kansas seeking damages suffered by U.S.
We have seen that, from the perspective of analytical ability and judgment, the challenges confronting corporate library staff are different in magnitude from those faced by directors but that substantively are the same.
For the forty years after World War II, corporate employees enjoyed annual raises just above the inflation rate, strong benefits packages, and good job security.
Given the fact that most corporate library directors have long tenure with one company and grew up in the old full employment days, it is not surprising that they do not understand or accept this "up or out" continuum of growth and movement for themselves or seek to develop library staff who are equipped to function within it.
For better or worse, the corporate library is inextricably linked to this dynamic.
This should be accepted as a good thing for corporate libraries, which badly need technical and managerial innovations but are not primarily in the business of creating the new intellectual constructs which precede innovation.
This article, for example, incorporates observations and reflections on a number of corporate libraries in diverse settings over fifteen years.
Anyone bright and ambitious enough to do a top corporate library job will sense this.
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