corner the market

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corner the (something) market

To sell or produce something so successfully as to overshadow all others in the same field (indicated before "market"). The massive company has cornered the online retail market over the years, making it very hard for other companies to compete.
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corner the market

1. To sell or produce something so successfully as to overshadow all others in the same field. That company is so popular right now that they've really cornered the market on video games.
2. To buy most of a particular item or stock so that one can control its price. If you think he bought all that stock to corner the market, you should report him—that kind of activity is illegal.
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corner the market

Buy all or most of a commodity or stock so that its price goes up. For example, In a famous maneuver the Hunt brothers cornered the market in silver. This idiom uses corner in the sense of "drive would-be buyers into a corner." [Early 1800s]
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corner the ˈmarket (in something)

get control of the trade in a particular type of goods, so that you control its price and the conditions of sale: By reducing prices so that the smaller stores can’t compete and are forced to close, Bestsave has effectively cornered the market.
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The '80s were, of course, marked by a return to painterly figuration, and artists like David Salle had seemingly cornered the market on the elegant fracture of high-fashion imagery.
* Niche Market Specialists--diecasters that have "cornered the market" and Nave specialized on very complex castings where cost is not the sole driving factor (valve bodies, transmission housings, etc.);
Purkiss-Rose, the skatepark-building behemoth who have pretty much cornered the market on public skateparks in Southern California, continue to surprise and startle with their interpretation of what street skaters might enjoy riding.
Just when we thought we'd more or less cornered the market on full-frontal nudity, just when we'd gotten used to being the pariahs who were killing the theater with our gay marketing demands, along comes a show that may kill the theater without our help at all.
VENGABOYS: Shalala Lala (Positiva) - Proving they've really cornered the market in nonsense dance tunes.
Never mind praising women in management because they supposedly have cornered the market on intuition and team spirit; how about a book for both sexes on how to be a better boss?
JOEY BARTON appeared to have cornered the market for philosophical tweets, before Rohan Ricketts took things to a whole new level.
Real had apparently cornered the market in spectacular transfer coups since Florentino Perez became club president in 2000 but Russian oil billionaire Abramovich has become the new big spender in European football.
The Guggenheims made their fortune by cornering the market in copper mines; Peggy Guggenheim once cornered the market in avant-garde art, before the rest of the world came along to undo her monopoly.
So al-Qaeda think they've cornered the market in martyrdom videos?
Focusing on the lives and loves of a mountain rescue team there were stunning stunts but Casualty and London's Burning seem to have cornered the market in that department.
What we actually learn from his scribblings is that Mr Colclough has practically cornered the market in getting rich and famous people to pay him handsomely for listening to their whines.