consarn it

An exclamation of frustration or exasperation. Oh, consarn it—I overslept again!
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Consarn it!

Rur. Damn it! (A mild oath.) Consarn it! I can't find my keys. That's the second batch of muffins I've burned today, consarn it!
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References in classic literature ?
'I say; this here's the mantie-making consarn, an't it?'
"If I could once ketch that consarned old thief," exclaimed Abner righteously, "I'd make him dance,--workin' off a stolen sleigh on me an' takin' away my good money an' cider press, to say nothin' o' my character!"
"Well, now, that's onlucky," said the woman, whose motherly sympathies were much aroused; I'm re'lly consarned for ye.
Granger enters the courtroom, we see that she appears less the victim than the victimizer: "Consarn you, Bill Granger, is it there you be, instead of hoein' the taters!" (Race, p.
As for Holt I am Certin he is not your frind and Indeavors to unter mind you[.] The Brieg you wase Consarned with men you shold not have any Consarns with[.] All the world is tallkin that you wose a Most murderd and if the offecer had not a Regard for you you woud have Been murderd he and his Party say you wanted to Jew him out of the Brege[.] [A] new Story that he hase Sued you and you Suet him all does things are not agreeable nor Honnoreable to a Member of the House nore a merchant[.] The letter was the culmination of several years' worth of anxious counsel on Hart's part.
"I was comin' up the basement steps with some of my famous homemade wine when that consarned mutt of your Aunt Edith's came runnin' down the steps and tripped me," Shifty said.
He replies that it would not cost much "ez fuh ez money is consarned," but adds, "ef dat wuz my trac' er lan', I would n' 'sturb it, no suh, I would n'" (166).