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in conjunction with (someone or something)

Jointly with someone or something; in tandem with someone or something. The tax changes are coming into effect in conjunction with several relief schemes for lower-income families. The director worked in conjunction with numerous psychologists to faithfully portray the disorder. My wife and I illustrate and write our books in conjunction with each other.
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in conˈjunction with

(formal) together with: The police are working in conjunction with tax officers on the investigation.The system is designed to be used in conjunction with a word processing program.
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While the research in psychology has focused on determining whether conjunction errors occur more frequently than memory errors for new features, auditors need to understand more about the factors that affect the extent and nature of memory conjunction problems.
Much of this confidence is registered in his introduction to the reissue of Wyndham Lewis's BLAST 1 for Black Sparrow in 1981, the same year Conjunctions first hit the stands.
Starting January 1, a conjunction of four planets (Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Saturn) will be observed above the east southeastern horizon.
Issues of Conjunction Uses The lack of or the misuse of conjunctions by A group students may cause a problem in actual communication.
A passionate engagement with the literature of the past could be said to be as much a signature characteristic of Conjunctions as its passionate support of new writing.
Kepler seemed inordinately interested by the fact that the 7 BC series was followed by a close massing of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in 6 BC--just as his 1603 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was followed by a massing of Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn the next year.
The commitment to literature at Bard College helps make Conjunctions possible at a time when the odds against such a project are higher than ever.
Aries and its trigon partners--Leo and Sagittarius--inaugurated the conjunction cycle in fire.
Venus's orbit is tilted with respect to Earth's by 3.39[degrees], which means that most of the times when Venus passes between us and the Sun (inferior conjunction), the planet passes above or below our 1/2[degrees]-wide star on the sky.
(Strictly speaking, the conjunctions of Kepler and Y2K should go by the more casual name of a massing, which is simply three or more planets appearing in the same part of the sky.
On November 17th and 18th three planets gather together in close conjunction in the early evening sky.
THE FIRST SOFTWARE I used for astronomy calculations was an interpolation program that made successive iterations from dates and positions I entered from an almanac to find the exact times of conjunctions. I wish I had had Planetary Event and Eclipse Predictor (PEEP) back then -- I could have saved myself a lot of time and trouble.
Last year was the one I called "the Year of the Conjunctions." Several times, pairings featured bright planets less than 1/2[degrees] degree apart when they were high in a fully dark sky.
Mercury joins the group of planets during the middle of the month, making it a very rare and spectacular display of planetary conjunctions since 2005, it added.
This first experiment confirmed our hypothesis that there is an incidental conjunction of shape and color, and that, as in other involuntary conjunctions, this type of conjunction is asymmetric, once the recognition of only shape is affected by the irrelevant change in color.