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(open) confession is good for the soul

proverb The act of confessing one's misdeeds alleviates stress and guilt. You'll feel better if you just tell mom that you broke the vase. Open confession is good for the soul, after all. A: "Do you think Jenny will be able to truly forgive me for this?" B: "Unfortunately, there's no way to know. But I can tell you that confession is good for the soul." I always feel better after telling my sins to a priest. I guess it's true what they say—open confession is good for the soul.
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(Open) confession is good for the soul.

Prov. If you have done something wrong, you will feel better if you confess that you did it. You ought to tell Dad that you broke his radio. Open confession is good for the soul. Sue: I've been so upset about cheating on the exam that I haven't been sleeping nights. Sam: You can do something about it; confession is good for the soul.
See also: confession, for, good, soul
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The explanation has been written already in the three words that were many enough, and plain enough, for my confession. I loved her.
Bert Danniker, a convict dying of consumption in Folsom Prison, was implicated as accessory, and his confession followed.
Emil Gluck's confession, six years later, cleared the unfortunate policeman of disgrace, and he is alive to-day and in good health, the recipient of a handsome pension from the city.
In his confession he spoke of it as a little experiment--he was merely trying his hand.
It was then that he sent for the Catholic priest, Father Peter Durban, and to him made confession. So important did it seem to the priest, that he had the confession taken down in writing and sworn to.
Even though the Pervaise confession had never come to light, no reasonable doubt could obtain; for the act in question, that sent fifty-two Congressmen to prison, was on a par with countless other acts committed by the oligarchs, and, before them, by the capitalists.
But, unlike Pervaise the confession of Romaines was made public in his own time.
There was the false hope of making the inevitable atonement by some other means than by the confession of the fraud.
In the confused uproar he made out several times the name of Peter Ivanovitch, the word "judgement," and the phrase, "But this is a confession," uttered by somebody in a desperate shriek.
A squeaky voice screamed, "Confession or no confession, you are a police spy!"
Finally, the confession, at the very moment when the case was hopelessly muddled by the false evidence given by Nikolay through melancholy and fanaticism, and when, moreover, there were no proofs against the real criminal, no suspicions even (Porfiry Petrovitch fully kept his word) --all this did much to soften the sentence.
Dounia remembered her brother's telling her that her mother had overheard her talking in her sleep on the night after her interview with Svidrigailov and before the fatal day of the confession: had not she made out something from that?
Five months after Raskolnikov's confession, he was sentenced.
May I make a confession?--I envy him now I have seen his wife."
There was no need for the old gentleman to make his little confession. Women, children, and dogs proverbially know by instinct who the people are who really like them.