complain of

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complain of (something)

To state the physical ailments or symptoms of illness that one is experiencing. The appendicitis patient came into the ER complaining of stomach pain.
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complain of something

to moan and suffer from a disease; to report the symptoms of a disease or health condition. Kenneth complained of a headache and general weakness. The patient was complaining of a headache.
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As it was, nobody having reason to complain of unjustly-diminished wages, nobody cared about any preferences in which profit was not involved.
Upjohn came sometimes before Philip was in, and then Cronshaw would complain of him bitterly.
Bounderby, folding his arms, 'do you people, in a general way, complain of?'
When patients complain of symptoms in the anterior nose or vestibular region, the etiology can include hair follicle inflammation, cysts, nasal polyps, and neoplasms, including papilloma and skin- or mucosa-based malignancies.
Dr Paul Wilson, a GP and managing medical officer at Leyhill, said that Nixon was given a medical when he first transferred to the prison in April 1998 and did not complain of any problems.