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come home

1. To return to one's home after time away from it. I'm always thrilled to come home after a long day at the office. If you don't come home by curfew, you'll lose your driving privileges for a month.
2. To become clear or apparent to one. This usage often refers to an unpleasant or troublesome realization. The fact that I had been fired didn't come home to me until I was walking out of the building with a box of my belongings.
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come home (to roost)

1. Lit. [for a fowl or other bird] to return to its home, as for a night's rest. The chickens come home to roost in the evening.
2. Fig. [for a problem] to return to cause trouble [for someone]. (See also come home to someone.) As I feared, all my problems came home to roost.
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come ˈhome (to somebody)

become fully clear or understood: The danger of the situation we were in suddenly came home to me.
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Dannatt will play in a charity cricket match in aid of Coming Home at the Honourable Artillery Company HQ in London on September 9.
An Internet search revealed a magazine called Coming Home was aimed at soldiers returning to the U.
Working with the existing community health system has been a hallmark of The Coming Home Program, which recognizes the significance of including local providers as part of the continuum of care that is offered to seniors.
In Children Coming Home (1991), a collection of twenty powerful dramatic monologues in children's voices, Brooks's children emerge as casualties of national policies which promote the fiction of a color-blind society while social and economic disparities between Black and White communities increase.
What Coming Home is offering is significantly better quality -- combed cotton, shrinkage-controlled, no seams, deep pockets and elastic all around on knit sheets," noted Deborah D.
Dutchman Guido Van der Valk turned sharp coming home to tally a 3-under 69 and grabbed the early lead over Jhonnel Ababa and five other locals in the ICTSI Calatagan Golf Challenge at Calatagan Golf Club in Batangas Wednesday.
To learn more about Coming Home Rescue, see upcoming adoption dates and view all dogs available for adoption, visit www.
THE latest star to make the journey back home to Wales in BBC Wales' Coming Home series is rock 'n' roll singer Michael Barratt.
When I was young and in my prime I had the urge to roam I left my friends and family I left my English home I wandered near and travelled far And at sights I've gazed in awe But the greatest sight that's in my mind Is of Old England's Shore I've seen the sun rise over Japan And go down at Galway Bay And New York lights are twice as bright As the lights of the Milky Way From the great lakes of Canada To a glorious night in Rome All the wonders of this world Cannot compare with home Your lakes and downs, your sights and sounds Are always in my heart I'm coming home to your cities and towns And never again I'll part From England my England The land of the true England my England I'm coming home to you Sent by A.
Army fundraising campaign Coming Home stepped in after reading about his plight in the Mirror last month.
Altogether now - sing it loud and proud if you're at the Rainton Meadows Arena today: "It's coming home, it's coming home, it's coming - arrers coming home
He may lose patience if he's coming home to see you every weekend and you're weeping all over him.
Lance Corporal Ryan Idzi, 24, from Trethomas, near Caerphilly, recorded Coming Home with fellow servicemen Sergeant Major Gary Chilton and Sergeant Richie Maddocks.
Regularly coming home with clothes or books destroyed or missing possessions
Producers of documentary Coming Home have revealed the actor - who features alongside Haverfordwest-born Christian Bale in 3.