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comb (something) for (someone or something)

To look through an area in an attempt to find someone or something in particular. We combed the wreckage for survivors but still haven't found any. I've been combing the house for my glasses—have you seen them?
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comb (something) out of (something)

To remove something, such as debris or knots, from something by combing. My poor daughter cries every time I try to comb the tangles out of her hair.
See also: comb, of, out

comb through (something)

To carefully look through an area or an item in an attempt to find someone or something. We combed through the wreckage but still haven't found any survivors. I combed through my bag in search of my glasses, and they were on my head the whole time!
See also: comb, through
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He is survived by his wife of 62 years, Mary Elizabeth; his daughters, Diana Bickford and Juliette Larson; his son, Christopher, president of Combe Inc.
Hunt made Killie keeper Combe make another fine save 10 minutes into the second half from a 25-yard free kick.
And Combe insists it has been a wake-up call for certain Killie players who thought they couldn't be relegated.
Combe was in action again in 28 minutes when he was happy to concede a corner from a Chris Hogg volley.
Combe twice foiled Shiels after the ball rebounded off Killie defender Frazer Wright, hit the post and came back to the Hibs striker.
Under the provisions of Law No 85-704 of 12 July 1985, as amended, and texts for its application, this market is a project management contract for the realization of the Isere bed restoration work Combe de Savoie.
But Combe says this latest set-back was not linked to that injury but to a steroid injection over the summer to dampen down an inflammation of the pubic bone.
But when the summer signing from York City was hauled down with 12 minutes to go he had no hesitation in grabbing the ball again and - despite taunts from Combe - he sent the keeper the wrong way from the spot.
Easton, from Combe Martin, was given a twoyear community order and a two-year driving ban.
Brewster should have given his side a third-minute lead when Graham Bayne flicked a free-kick into his path - but his 15-yard volley was tipped over by Combe.
However, there's a new option for men: a "smart shampoo" from Combe Inc.
The gel does not contain any added dyes, preservatives, perfumes or estrogen, Combe said in launching the product last month.
Romeo Viduya, officer in charge of Central Park police community precinct, said the boy was seated beside Rafael Combe in front of a sari-sari store in Barangay 137 Zone 15 when the assailants arrived at 5:40 p.