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Columbian gold

A type of marijuana from Columbia. Can also just be called "Columbian" for short. Man, this Columbian gold is some powerful stuff—I feel so good right now.
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Columbian (gold)

n. Light-colored Columbian marijuana. He claimed he scored some Columbian.
See also: Columbian, gold


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British Columbians are excited about electric cars and the chance to cut both their fuel costs and pollution.
The zero emission vehicles act is based on the legislation already in place in Quebec and California and was informed by consultation with British Columbians, manufacturers and key stakeholders.
British Columbians have clearly told us that they want government to remove the welcome mat thats been laid out for organized crime over the past decade and to make every effort to clamp down on money laundering, said David Eby, Attorney General.
Government launched the tip portal in November 2018, so British Columbians could share what they believe is relevant to Germans review into whether there is evidence of money laundering in real estate, luxury vehicles and horse racing.
Individual British Columbians can check their own bottom line by using the CCPA'S web calculator.
In addition to the controls, estimated to cost $94 million, Columbian will pay civil penalties of $650,000 and perform environmental mitigation projects valued at $375,000.
Marietta, Georgia-based Columbian will be required to install flue gas scrubbing technology to reduce SO2 emissions and selective catalytic reduction technology to reduce NOx emissions at its largest facility, in North Bend, Louisiana.
Based in New Lenox, Illinois, Columbian operations specialize in providing commercial lines insurance and surety bond solutions for the construction industry.
We are very excited about the talent, expertise and experience from Columbian that will be joining our Construction and Surety Practices, stated Neil Hughes, President and CEO, Hub Midwest.
For every home team touchdown made during the playoffs, CP contributed $5,000 to Royal Columbian for a total of $90,000.
"The work being done at Royal Columbian, including four open-heart surgeries a day, is truly lifesaving," said Mark Wallace, CP's Vice-President Corporate Affairs.
The contribution from the CP Has Heart Touchdowns program is supporting Royal Columbian Hospital's cardiac surgery team to introduce new blood management initiatives as a first in Western Canada.