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sugarcoat (something)

To say, explain, or present something in a manner that is easier to accept, understand, cope with, or endure. Don't sugarcoat it for me, Doc—is my wife going to make it? My grandmother was never one to sugarcoat her criticisms. If she thought you had messed up, she would tell you in no uncertain terms.
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sugar-coat the pill

To make something bad, unpleasant, or dissatisfactory easier to cope with, endure, or accept. The bosses are giving everyone an extra 10% bonus this Christmas, but I suspect it's a way of sugar-coating the pill that there will be massive pay cuts in January. I have to tell my mom about wrecking her car, but I need to find a way to sugar-coat the pill first.
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Increasing demand from growing end-use industries and the need for replacement of existing coating systems are the key drivers for the growth of the coating equipment market.
The latest advances in coatings for wood, including waterborne alternatives for industrial wood, coatings for mass timber products, and new generation binders for deck finishing, are detailed.
The tribological properties of the coatings were evaluated using a reciprocating-type ball-on-disc tribometer (JLTB-02, J&L Tech Co.
Antimicrobial coatings were the largest product segment, accounting for more than 40 percent of the global demand for medical device coatings in 2013.
8, when the solution viscosity is increased further to [mu] = 75 mPa s, the differences between the vertical and horizontal slot die coatings become very small, with the minimum wet thicknesses obtained for vertical coating marginally thicker than those for horizontal coating over the same range of coating speed.
"People have developed ideas of how to apply new advances in material science to coatings," Braun says.
Because most coatings react with magnesium and are pulled out of the mold when the casting is removed, researchers developed a commercially suitable product that would minimize that reaction.
Turnkey systems including robotic spray cells and conveyorized finishing systems for decorative, hard coat, EMI/RFI shielding and adhesive coatings.
There are a number of specialist companies involved in DLC coatings, many as suppliers to race engine manufacturers who adopted this technology a few years ago.
APPLICATION: This paper can help to guide coating formulators in the contribution of pigment characteristics to coating structure for matte coatings of ink-jet papers that can be on-machine coated.
Thermal barrier coatings are used in gas turbine engines on hot surfaces of structural components to extend the lifetimes of these components.
Experts who research the use and effectiveness of coatings to rehabilitate steel pipe differ on several issues concerning the application of coatings on pipelines.
There are four basic types of roof coatings: asphaltic-based fibrated black, asphaltic-based fibrated aluminum, acrylic elastomeric, and urethane coatings.
Summary: The global demand for metal coatings is expected to reach 6.5% CAGR during the forecast period, 2018-2027.