close (one's) mind (to) (something)

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close (one's) mind (to) (something)

To become reluctant or resistant toward considering something. I've tried encouraging her, but it seems she's really closed her mind to the idea of running for office. Don't close your mind—there's always hope that a situation can change for the better.
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close (or shut) your mind to (or against)

refuse to consider or acknowledge.
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close your ˈmind (to something)

be unwilling or unable to consider new ideas, proposals, etc: His mind is closed to the possibility of reform. ▶ closed-ˈminded adj. (disapproving):: She was accused of being closed-minded and intolerant of other people’s opinions.
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Jacqui Smith approached the whole question of police pay 'with a closed mind' Gavin Millar QC
Like trainers, we remain sceptical about the benefits when weighed against the disadvantages, but we also recognise that we must not have a closed mind on this increasingly important issue.
She said: "If you look at something with a closed mind, you are never going to learn anything.
Referring to the private sector participation in the nuclear power programme, Saran said that India is being cautious about allowing private players to enter this sector but added that Indian Government does not have a closed mind on it.
Police Federation lawyers attacked the minister in court for approaching police pay "with a closed mind".
The Government hit back yesterday at the decision by leading environmental groups to pull out of its consultation on whether to build new nuclear power stations, accusing them of having a closed mind on the issue.
It's the best place for a man with such a closed mind to the region, its people, heritage and culture.
And he lashed out at the Ulster Unionist leader, claiming Mr Trimble's reaction suggested he had a "closed mind."
It is when questioning comes from an already closed mind that is counter-productive,' Lopez said.
Cllr Keith Turner, executive member for education, said: "We will listen to people, we haven't got a closed mind. We will work towards the best solution for all."
"Before all of these happened, I admit I had a closed mind. But now I realized that there is judicial reach.
Though it often difficult searching to find keys to an unseen door, Search you must, search and you'll find you can become a better person Who's open loving and kind, Or are you unwilling,do you have a closed mind?
Deputy High Court judge Sir Christopher Bellamy said there was no evidence that hospital staff had a "closed mind".
'The authority had a closed mind to any alternative.
Rejecting H's legally-aided application for judicial review, Deputy High Court judge Sir Christopher Bellamy said there was no evidence that the hospital, which currently treats more than 400 patients, had a 'closed mind'.