close to (one's) heart

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close to (one's) heart

Personally important to, or loved by, one. The little girl who came to visit the elderly woman every weekend was very close to her heart.
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close to your heart

mainly BRITISH or

dear to your heart

COMMON If a subject is close to your heart or dear to your heart, it is very important to you and you care a lot about it. Note: The heart is traditionally regarded as the centre of the emotions. For presenter Manjeet K. Sandhu the position of Asian women in society is an issue very close to her heart. It's a project that is dear to my heart. Note: In American English, you can also say that a subject is near and dear to your heart. She has impressed Senators with her knowledge of subjects near and dear to their hearts.
See also: close, heart
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George certain to with then demand "The Voice UK is very close to my heart and I'm absolutely delighted to be back on the show.
Holding a Crocus Walk is a great opportunity for me to spend some quality time with my family and friends while having a good walk and raising money for a cause close to my heart
Ford supports causes close to my heart, like the Susan G.
It gives me great pride to announce this program to bring economic prosperity and growth to a part of the province close to my heart.
Kirk said: "Motherwell is very close to my heart and I wouldn't rule out the possibilty of returning in the future.
As he explains: "Parkinson's is a condition close to my heart as my dad suffers from the disease.
RE the letter by Cllr Ron Arundale of Acklam, on 'pavement parking', a subject close to my heart.
He said: "The regeneration of the Valleys and Caerphilly is something that is very close to my heart.
Nuneaton-based Jackie Albrighton - "Agnetha" in the group - said: "The Mary Ann Evans Hospice is a charity close to my heart.
They are still close to my heart and it's a difficult time there for them," he said.
The empowering title track is particularly close to my heart because it's catchier than syphilis mad there's an entire verse about how "even my skin is acting weird.
STRONG like the wind blowing through the trees Soft like a cloud drifting on a breeze That was the love you gave to me Every time I held you in my arms and close to my heart For you were the girl who was the light in my world And the love in my heart and soul You were the also the girl I longed to hold and love Until I grew grey and old But now you've gone I feel so alone, As I walk through the town all on my own With a heart now broken and slowly turning to stone So please my sweet angel come home to me, So I can hold you close once more To my sad and lonely heart DONALD JOHN TYE, Wallsend
Leanne, who lives in Bryn Siriol, Penpedairheol, said: "I chose Tenovus because it's close to my heart and I signed up two or three months ago.