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v=jdC2U8XLhR8) preview clip for next week's Season 1, episode 6, Syd notices a mysterious door in one of the halls of Clockworks.
These include: a camera lens, smog, marble, a wasp's nest, soil, a mirror, satin, hair, incense, embroidery, sand, bits of maps, and clockworks.
BUSINESS WIRE)--May 29, 1997--Synergy Semiconductor, a leader in high-performance bipolar ICs, today announced the addition of three new Phase Locked Loops (PLLs) to its ClockWorks family tree of clock generation and distribution chips.
The ClockWorks family consists of a range of standard ICs in five categories including frequency synthesizers, clock generators, clock distribution and drivers, programmable delay lines and PLLs.
Note to Editors: ClockWorks is a trademark of Synergy Semiconductor Corp.
9, 1996--Synergy Semiconductor is now offering its high-speed, ClockWorks (TM) family of clock generation and distribution chips in 3.
Our new three-volt ClockWorks products allows designers to pick and choose among a range of standard devices that best accommodates the fastest of system clock speeds, while meeting and surpassing the high-performance, low-skew and low-jitter requirements of today's advanced 3.
Synergy Semiconductor designs, manufactures and markets a variety of semicustom and standard products, ultra high-performance logic, ClockWorks, RAMs, and mixed-signal ICs for communications, instrumentation and computing applications.
Companies that send their software projects overseas can lose control and run into insurmountable cultural barriers, says Ben Boverman, president of Clockwork Software Associates Corp.
Since mid-1999, Clockwork has served a Fortune 500 firm needing a full set of Windows 2000 server tools, a chamber of commerce putting up an online barter system, and various businesses, software developers, consulting firms, and recruiters seeking an alternative to full-time employees.
Boverman sees Clockwork, whose name is meant to connote precision and timeliness, as the logical outgrowth of the outsourcing trend that started about 20 years ago and accelerated during the reengineering of the `90s.