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clip on

1. An earring that clips onto the earlobe, as opposed to being inserted through a piercing. Jen never got her ears pierced, so we're going to need to find her some nice clip ons for her wedding day.
2. A necktie that clips onto the collar, as opposed to being tied. When I was a kid, I used to wear a clip on before I knew how to tie a tie.
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clip on(to) (someone or something)

To attach something to someone or something else by using a clip. A noun or pronoun can be used between "clip" and "on." Clip on your ID badge before you leave so that you can get back into the building. I clipped the doctor's note onto the rest of my paperwork.
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clip something on(to) someone or something

 and clip something on
to attach something to someone or something with a clip. I clipped a little name tag onto him before I put him on the plane. I clipped on a name tag.
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15 ( ANI ): A schoolboy from Essex, was put into isolation for a day for refusing to wear a clip-on tie, as he wanted to wear a smarter traditional one - which breaches "health and safety rules."
Teachers at Bishop Ullathorne Catholic School are asking all 11-year-olds starting in their first year at the school to wear clip-ons. Staff at Finham Park School have just introduced ties as part of a new school uniform and opted for clip-on ties.
It's also apparently the first premium laptop to boast of delivering a "cinematic 3D experience." The laptop ships with the polarized glasses, as well as polarized clip-ons that will fit on your prescription glasses.
But these small, seemingly innocuous clip-ons no bigger than a hair barrette amount to "over 3.5 million pounds of lead ...
Kids' Stuff - Flashing clip-ons pounds 9.99 for three from This set of comical clip-on badges certainly won't give anyone even the slightest shudder, but they're the perfect accessory for junior tricksters.
Prescription sunglasses or clip-ons for your existing glasses will help protect your eyes from daytime glare and possibly help prevent macular degeneration.
The Coppertone line from Select-A-Vision includes Coppertone High Performance Sport, Coppertone Fashion, Coppertone Kids, Coppertone Sunglass Reader and Coppertone Polarized Clip-ons.
Golla of Finland's new Digi Bags let you carry your digital camera, phone or MP3 in funky little dykey unisex bags instead of those ugly leather clip-ons. ($15,
The new K6 Card Clamps have more than twice the holding power of competing models and come already attached to a holder of choice, such as lanyards, retractable reels, and the clip-ons. Clamps also eliminate cards tearing out at the slot and are a must for access cards with embedded electronics that can be damaged by slot punching.
As social historian Joan Metge says: "Although it is now common for Maori cultural practices such as karanga, powhiri, karakia and other ritual Lifting of tapu to be included in the planning of public occasions, they are typically additions rather than an integral part of the proceedings, "clip-ons" carried out by Maori according to tikanga and Maori Language." (1)
Working It: Task lighting, including clip-ons for beds and desks at Cargo Kids; contemporary, colorful styles at Nebraska Furniture Mart.
Custom-made clip-ons for your eyewear * Polarized * Shaped before your eyes in minutes * Lightweight * Durable * Choice of colors
Small sparkling earrings for pierced ears are the safest; clip-ons can be secured with a touch of liquid adhesive.
The sunglasses on offer are wire-framed Aviator, Classic tortoise shell, sturdy half frame and spring hinged clip-ons.
Push-on pins last many times longer than clip-ons and are easier to use.