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hasty climbers have sudden falls

proverb Someone who advances or progresses too quickly or rashly in some endeavor is often subject to a reversal of fortune. I wouldn't worry about that jerk getting promoted over you. Remember, hasty climbers have sudden falls—and I heard that the boss who likes him is looking to leave the company anyway.
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social climber

A person who tries to elevate their social status, often through the calculated use of friendships and relationships. Based on his circle of friends, it's obvious that he is nothing more than a social climber.
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The Defense Ministry of Kazakhstan pulled off a rescue operation and in the morning of August 19 a group of military climbers arrived in the Karkara base.
12 - The youngest age of an Indonesian climber to climb the seven summits.
The stricken climber had to be lowered down the slopes in a makeshift sled by Denis Urubko, a Kazakh climber, and Sergi Mignote from Spain,' said Alpine Club of Pakistan Secretary Karrar Haidri.
People living at the Base Camp use melted snow for drinking water that climbers' toilets threaten to contaminate.
Ghulam Musa Shamshali, a close relative of Pakistani climbers said that a group of around ten local climbers had left to bring back the dead body of Imtiaz.
A fist-fight broke out in 2013 between elite mountaineers and a group of Sherpas who were putting in ropes to keep more mortal climbers safe, and didn't want the speedier climbers to pass them.
Sherpas are incredibly valuable to climbers because of their climbing expertise and their extensive knowledge of the mountains.
Nearly 5,000 climbers have scaled the peak since the pioneering ascent, many multiple times.
The Mumbai-based climber, identified as Anjali S Kulkarni, breathed her last above the Camp IV of Mount Everest at an altitude of 7,906 metres.
The deaths take to six the number of dead or missing climbers on Mount Everestin the past week.
Kanchenjunga as 10 climbers from a single organisation summitted to the top of the world's third highest mountain and created history.
Sarbaz Khan became the first Pakistan climber on Tuesday to scale Mount Lhotse, world's fourth highest peak, in Nepal.
Climbers embarked this week on the guided ascent with Kerry Climbers on one of Corran Tuathail's grade I/II winter routes.
The Italian climbers, Tom Ballard and Daniele Nardi were reported missing from altitude of 6300 meters on February 24, 2019 during their winter expedition to defeat Nanga Parbat, the mountain infamous in the world for high mortality rate of mountaineers.
The bodies of the climbers are understood to be at a high altitude on Nanga Parbat's treacherous Mummery route that no one has successfully climbed, meaning their bodies are unlikely to be recovered.