clean break

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clean break

A complete removal from a (usually negative) situation, relationship, or attachment, with no intention of returning. After spending years in an emotionally abusive relationship, Patrick finally decided to make a clean break and leave his girlfriend.
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make a clean break

remove yourself completely and finally from a situation or relationship.
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a clean ˈbreak

a complete separation from a person, an organization, a way of life, etc: She wanted to make a clean break with the past and start again.
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For a clean break the Prime Minister could start by promising the Conservative Party will no longer take money from Russians connected to Vladimir Putin's regime.
Ah Van discovered the extent of the injury when he went for scans which revealed a clean break and is now facing up to three months on the sidelines.
No but we would always advise that any agreement is included within a clean break consent order which should be endorsed by the Court within Divorce Proceedings.
That is a clean break from more than two decades of the privatised rip-off that has consigned Britain to the transport slow lane Mick Cash, general secretary of the RMT union, on Jeremy Corbyn's pledge that a Labour government would renationalise the railways Many young people definitely want it easy; they want fame, but they don't want to fight for it.
FLY-HALF Jonathan Sexton The 31-year-old is the only fly-half to have made a clean break on the tour.
Clean Break is a four-part crime drama on DVD by award-winning wrier Billy Roche.
And third, did those reporting his desire to quit the Reds realise the irony of the phrase: 'Wanting a clean break.
Amber and Charlie divided opinion but we're now on episode three of Clean Break and it is proving to be unmissable viewing on Sunday nights.
Some people would have deleted her to make a clean break, others may view this as a step too far.
Then make a clean break says LISA HAYNES | Sequined vest PS65 and skirt PS95, both Wallis | Cameron leather jacket, PS449, Tipsy snake print leather bag, PS359, both Desa (www.
The series also features the Clean Break Trigger (CBT), a two-stage trigger system that breaks cleaner and pulls more smoothly while being fully adjustable for poundage and stage transition.
QI had a clean break financial settlement after my divorce and didn't stay in the family home.
Her solicitor Glyn Roberts said she had moved to Pwllheli for a clean break after forming associations with cliques of offenders in the Bangor area.
The Hebrew term is more elegant, implying more a complex spectrum than a clean break.
According to sources, Lilo had decided during therapy session while completing her 90-day rehab stint to cut out all her toxic friends from her life to focus on sobriety and make a clean break from substance abuse, but her shopping spree with Chatwal suggests otherwise, TMZ reported.