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second-class citizen

One who is deemed less important than others within a society. The waitress was so rude to me that I started feeling like a second-class citizen. We live in this neighborhood, too, and we should be allowed to voice our opinions, instead of being ignored like second-class citizens!
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a citizen of the world

One who feels comfortable in any country. Her many travels have caused her to become a citizen of the world.
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second class

1. (Describing) travel seating and accommodation that is considered slightly inferior to the highest level (first class). Hyphenated if used before a noun. I always fly second class because it saves a huge amount of money. Even though I booked for first class, they only had second-class seats available.
2. Deemed to be less important or deserving of fair treatment than others. inferior to the highest level (first class). Hyphenated if used before a noun. We live in this neighborhood, too, and we should be allowed to voice our opinions, instead of being treated like second-class citizens! Voters from the region are urging leaders not to treat them like they are second class any longer.
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second class

1. Inferior; see second best.
2. Travel accommodations ranking below the highest or first class, as in Traveling second class on European trains is not only cheaper but gives you more contact with local people . [c. 1840]
3. In the United States and Canada, a category of mail consisting of periodicals and newspapers. [c. 1870]
4. second-class citizen. An individual regarded or treated as inferior to others in status or rights, an underprivileged person. For example, In many countries women still are considered second-class citizens. This term uses second class in the sense of "inferior." [c. 1940]
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citizen of the world

a person who is at home in any country.
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Joe Citizen

(ˈdʒo ˈsɪtəsnæ)
n. a general term for a male representative of the public. Joe Citizen hasn’t spoken yet! Watch the results of the election.
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Technicians in scientific, technical and humanities reached / 16945 / citizens compared to / 16419 / citizens; clerical / 48631 / citizens compared to / 46935 / citizens; sales / 11636 / citizens compared to / 11302 / citizens; service / 43020 / citizens compared to / 41592 / citizens.
To compare the changes in scores from the pre-course surveys to the post-course surveys between the service learners and the non-service learners, I conducted a ANCOVA for each of the three types of citizens.
gov search delivers a much richer, more productive search experience for citizens and government employees," said M.
Citizens Bank and First National Bank compete directly in the Batesville banking market in Arkansas.
CPAs, condensed versions of regular police academies, first were developed in the United Kingdom in 1977 for the purpose of acquainting citizens with the nature and structure of policing.
citizen and a resident of a possession, is, for purposes of the gift tax, considered a U.
Michael Schudson's The Good Citizen is an admirable, consistently interesting attempt to lay out with some factual and conceptual precision the history of an issue usually discussed in platitudes.
Pete Wilson had made comments aimed at illegally discouraging new citizens from voting.
Popular organizations" and the "cooperative societies" are defined as organizations incorporating the working forces of the people with the view to develop society and realize the interests of its individual members (Article 9); the "People's Council" (Parliament) - as the democratically elected institution through which the citizens exercise their rights of administration of the state and leadership of society; and finally the "state" - as an instrument in the service of the people and its institutions committed to the defense of the basic rights of the citizens, the development of their lives and the support of the popular organization (Article 12).
Also, Citizens, as well as all primary insurers in Florida, will have increased access to FHCF reinsurance.
For purposes of the BHC Act, the home state of Citizens is Rhode Island and the home state of Port and Cambridge is Massachusetts.
Project Netgap has a unique multi-level design with seventh grade students mentoring local citizens in the use of computerized technology & the internet.
Through Citizen Police Academies (CPA), police officers can maintain this relationship with the public by involving citizens in crime prevention efforts.
A dozen Latino leaders called Thursday for a federal probe into whether newly naturalized citizens are being illegally discouraged from voting by statements and tactics of Gov.
citizens and resident aliens are subject to gift tax.
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