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It is dispensing, free, camouflage or leopard skin pouches, which smokers can carry around and use to dispose of their rubbish - having made sure they have stubbed the ciggy out first.
The Sunday afternoon racing event will have a smoke-free feel with 6ft comedy cigarette Ciggy Buttz passing information to race-goers on how to stop smoking.
Bertie will hang around the back of the school and take drags of George's ciggy and let him park his bike in his space - but he is canny though, he will also happily chat to the French guy and be nice to his German mate.
Smoking ciggy butts out in the wicked winter wind, cracking open fresh, crisp packs of multi-hued Xerox paper, chests out and chins up, we lock arms together.
The only fault is there is nowhere to put ciggy butts.
According to reports, a shop assistant at Saks Fifth Avenue was standing outside the store, passing the time on a ciggy break by perusing the shoes in the window, when she just happened to get chatting to Renee.
To really hammer the point home she even smokes a ciggy in the arty shoot, as well as writhing around on the floor in a sexy leotard.
What a bad week for the gorgeous Stacey Soloman after she was pictured on the front of this paper having a ciggy while heavily pregnant.
Unfortunately, it isn't only in films; turn on the TV and there they are, the TV cops, mean, lean and dragging deeply on a ciggy, which is obviously an aid to catching baddies.
I DON'T know how any mum can CIGGY GIRL: Solomon spoke during pregnancy.