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Christmas disease

Hemophilia (or haemophilia) B, a blood-clotting disorder in which a mutation of the Factor IX gene leads to a deficiency of Factor IX (or Christmas factor), a serine protease of the coagulation system. Both the factor and the disease are named for Stephen Christmas (not the holiday), the first patient discovered to have the condition in 1952. We haven't let our daughter participate in any more physical sports since she was diagnosed with Christmas disease last year.
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Christmas graduate

A college or university student who discontinues their education after the end of the first term (i.e., around Christmastime). Primarily heard in US, South Africa. While I firmly believe in the importance of continued education, there are always a few Christmas graduates each year for whom college is just not well suited.
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Christmas tree bill

In the US Congress, a minor bill that attracts many additional (and often unrelated) amendments attached to it, thus likened to ornaments hung upon a Christmas tree. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. If one really wants to see how corporate interests pervade the political process, one must simply examine the numerous amendments of the so-called Christmas tree bills that crop up each year.
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cancel (one's) Christmas

slang To kill someone. As soon as that guy becomes a liability, I'll get Ray to cancel his Christmas, no problem.
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Christmas comes but once a year

A phrase that defends enthusiastic celebrations of Christmas, on the basis that Christmas only happens once a year. I know the amount of gifts is a little excessive, but Christmas comes but once a year, right?
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like turkeys voting for Christmas

Said of people who choose or accept a situation that is not in their interest or will be directly harmful to them. Turkeys are often prepared for a Christmas meal. So now you have people, like turkeys voting for Christmas, supporting policies that would see their work security and health benefits eliminated.
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cancel someone's Christmas

Sl. to kill someone; to destroy someone. (Underworld or jocular; the idea is that the dead person will not live until Christmas.) If he keeps bugging me, I'm gonna cancel his Christmas. Willie threatened to cancel Richard's Christmas if Richard didn't pay up.
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Christmas comes but once a year.

Prov. Since Christmas only happens once a year, we should treat it as a special time by being good to others or by indulging children. Christmas comes but once a year, so we urge you to give to those less fortunate through this Christmas charity campaign.
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like turkeys voting for Christmas

If someone's action or choice is like turkeys voting for Christmas, it will have a very bad result for them. Lawyers supporting non-legal methods of solving disputes are like turkeys voting for Christmas. The idea that drivers would choose to have speed limiters in their cars would be like turkeys voting for Christmas. Note: In Britain and some other countries, people traditionally eat turkey at Christmas.
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like turkeys voting for Christmas

used to suggest that a particular action or decision is hopelessly self-defeating. informal
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a white ˈChristmas

a Christmas when it snows
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cancel someone’s Christmas

tv. to kill someone; to destroy someone. (Underworld. The dead person will miss Christmas.) If he keeps bugging me, I’m gonna cancel his Christmas.
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Christmas tree

n. a drunkard. (From being lit like a Christmas tree.) A well-dressed Christmas tree sat in the corner—lit up, of course.
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Finally, Elliott and Christmas (1995) estimated that the elbow joint extension accounts for approximately 25% of the racquet velocity at impact during a backspin 1BH, while ball speed has been shown to share a negative association with rebound angle in the same shot (Chiang et al, 2005).
The earliest reference to the Holy Thorn appears in a thirteenth-century history of Glastonbury Abbey, but this does not mention the miraculous Christmas blooming.
There was also a Christmas Red and Green gift stall with a lucky dip and guess the weight of an iced Christmas cake competition and raffle with many prizes.
Lexus Chase contender Bobs Worth is a few horses behind, surprise Christmas Hurdle candidate Sign Of A Victory a few horses ahead, with those in between including Triolo D'Alene, Whisper, Beat That, Ma Filleule, Grandouet and Hunt Ball.
Morrison also cited targeted coupon offers by competing chains for its "disappointing" Christmas performance, with sales at stores open a year or more falling 5.
The first Christmas I had in this house was 22 years ago and the first Christmas tree was a spindly thing about five feet tall.
Bishop of Liverpool, Rt Rev James Jones - both rich and poor were drawn to the Christ child to worship Him Archbishop Patrick Kelly - may Christmas joy be yours Picture: COLIN LANE
Whittle said the event's beer sales had been overhyped, and this would aggravate the up-coming Christmas sell-in by encouraging even more over-production and under-pricing.
If I were back home I would spend Christmas Day at the beach.
Asking Conrad to write on Christmas was like asking Dickens to write on the Narcissus.
Christmas in Kabul had exactly the right atmosphere, enhanced by deep snow outside, the moonlight gleaming on the distant Hindu Kush.
A bedazzling scheme of Christmas decorations is now in place at the city's shopping centre, with a spectacular Christmas tree as the central feature encapsulating a traditional sense of festivity, with lush green foliage and delicate pea lighting.
LIVERPOOL THE RETURN OF BLACKLER'S SANTA A giant Father Christmas, which delighted generations of Liverpool children in his former home at Blacker's Department Store, goes on display for the first time in 20 years at the Museum of Liverpool from Tuesday, November 15.
IT HAS gained some nine million online views in just three days, garnered countless newspaper column inches and now this year's John Lewis Christmas advert has already spawned the inevitable raft of parodies.