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life is like a box of chocolates

Life is unpredictable. A version of the phrase was popularized in the film Forrest Gump, in which it was followed by the second line: "You never know what you're gonna get." I didn't expect to get laid off, but hey, life is like a box of chocolates.
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mint chocolate chip

A popular dessert flavor that tastes like mint and contains hard chocolate pieces. I'm getting a scoop of mint chocolate chip—what ice cream flavor do you want?
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chocolate box

Something that seems unreal because it is so appealing or attractive. The phrase is always used before a noun. This charming little town is totally full of chocolate box houses.
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If you're good and do whatever you're told, you shall sleep in a proper bedroom, and have lots to eat, and money to buy chocolates and take rides in taxis.
Higgins whips out his penknife; cuts a chocolate in two; puts one half into his mouth and bolts it; and offers her the other half.
Liza opens her mouth to retort: he pops the half chocolate into it].
LIZA [who has disposed of the chocolate after being nearly choked by it] I wouldn't have ate it, only I'm too ladylike to take it out of my mouth.
There, Monseigneur turned, and came back again, and so in due course of time got himself shut up in his sanctuary by the chocolate sprites, and was seen no more.
And now, Mr Varden, all exaggeration and embellishment apart,' said Sir John Chester, confidentially, as he sipped his chocolate, 'what kind of place IS Newgate?
The knight finished his cup of chocolate with an appearance of infinite relish, and carefully wiped his lips upon his handkerchief.
But before, while she was drinking the chocolate which I made for her, I tried to get her to sign a paper giving over the house to me, but she only closed her eyes and begged me to try and be a good sister and leave her alone for half an hour.
The chicken was tough, the tongue too salt, and the chocolate wouldn't froth properly.
Whoopee Cookie - luxury cookies | | The Ely Gin Company Ltd - chocolate flavoured gin and vodka | The English Chocolate Fountain Company - classic dipping chocolate | Henley Chocolate Ltd - handmade artisan chocolates | Choc and Roll - macaroons and chocolate drops.
THOSE LOOKING FOR A TRULY UNIQUE TASTE IN CHOCOLATE might want to try Galler Belgian Chocolates, an upscale chocolate line that is a Belgium Royal Warrant Holder, according to company officials.
LUXURIOUS ARTISAN CHOCOLATES: San Francisco chocolatier and cookbook author Michael Recchiuti of Recchiuti Confections offers three special, luxurious Valentine's Day chocolate assortments.
Though preliminary, the research indicates that cocoa and chocolates not only contain natural compounds that can protect the heart and blood vessels but also that the quantities present in commercial products may be sufficient to exert measurable effects.
And there is a big difference between the quality of fresh chocolates [made within 24 hours] and the [prepackaged] ones that you buy in the store," declares Timothy Moriarty, features editor of Chocolatier magazine.