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mod. elegant. Her living room is so chi-chi that you are afraid to go in.


(ˈʃɑɪtɑʊn and ˈtʃɑɪtɑʊn)
n. Chicago, Illinois. I can’t wait to get back to old Chitown.


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Helen, who runs the Short Dog 'n' Sides dog salon in Barnoldswick, Lancs, says: "Chi Chi and Harvey adore each other.
In Intro to T'ai Chi, Ross provides an easy-to-follow introduction to the fundamentals of T'ai Chi, leading the viewer through a flow sequence that can help balance all aspects of life.
Martha Wittman, a dancer/choreographer with the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, found the Chen form of Tai Chi a means to restore her energy while teaching at Bennington College.
3) Essence Of Tai Chi Chuan: The Literary Tradition; Lo/Inn/Amacker/Foe
The tai chi chih group showed the greatest improvement on the tests after 15 weeks, while the control group stayed about the same, Irwin said.
While in Ho Chi Minh City during March 1997, I sought out Vietnamese religious figures who belonged to sects that did not align to the UBC.
Some of the benefits of better control of the sand screen distribution control using the CHI Sq'd analysis have shown:
When I met Chi Chi at a fast-food restaurant during a grueling weeklong tournament, he was more than happy to speak about his motivation: Definitely, he told me, it was his father, a laborer who never made more than $18 a week-although he worked six or seven days a week and, Chi Chi said, never missed a day of work in 30 years.
More than 300,000 women call her 'Sister,' as a member of our beloved Chi Omega Fraternity," said Chi Omega National President Letitia Fulkerson.
The life force, or chi field, functions or "breathes" through three main currents known traditionally in China as yin, yang, and yuan.
Kiko Kiko, the instructor of Tygell's class, explains that tai chi is a very slow, meditative Chinese movement exercise that centers on breathing.
Ingraham joined CHI in January 1995 as associate director of corporate communications.
For the second consecutive fight, Morales was taken the distance, pounding out another 12-round unanimous decision, this one over mandatory challenger Injin Chi in his first defense of the WBC featherweight title in front of 20,409 Saturday night at Staples Center.
Dressed in a rust-colored costume, the Pasadena resident is a slender, serene-looking gray-haired woman gracefully moving her arms back and forth as she turns and moves through basic tai chi (pronounced ``tie chee'') positions.
With sweeping arms and soft turns, the tai chi students listened to their instructor's voice, watching her motions and themselves moving slowly from form to form Monday.