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Certainly, the PS500k fee seemed to scare off the SFA even though this would have been fairly cheap at half the price because he is entering the final year of his Pittodrie contract.
Cheap at half the price if you really did get to roam Elysium fields in the afterlife of your choice.
Suddenly the Chagos Islands look cheap at half the price.
But that hasn't stopped my gaggle of bargain-hunters thinking of spending PS100 in petrol to get to one of them in order to stock up on things they don't need just because it's cheap at half the price.
For common decency and to restore our pride internationally, it would have been cheap at half the price.
Funding for the arts is cheap at half the price and makes a real and direct difference to people's lives.
He said: "The money for James Milner at the time and the money for Ashley Young -they are cheap at half the price now, aren't they?
Tony's cheap at half the price; only needs one local sponsor to sort out any budget snags.
"Everyone was pretty shocked as proper studios cost thousands to rent so they were getting it cheap at half the price."
For anyone like myself who has ever been stuck on it, cheap at half the price and money well spent, I say.
From your finances can't stretch quite that far, you could always opt for this cheaper option from This solid and stylish pine bed costs just pounds 379.99 - cheap at half the price PICK OF THE WEEK
Two for the price of one, and cheap at half the price - which is all of two quid.
Obviously, the unenlightened and unnamed author of this rant masquerading as journalism has never read The Birmingham Post or he or she would be aware the Government's grant, rumoured to be pounds 160 million, is cheap at half the price.
"It sounds like a horrific amount of cash but if it prevented Scotland being portrayed so negatively throughout the world it would be cheap at half the price.
I have worked out our bill for two as about PS1,400 a year, which is cheap at half the price for the delicious mouth watering variety of madras, vindaloo, bhuna, karahi, dupiaza and the rest.