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It seems strange that the chattering classes, who are the core public for this stuff, should be willing not only to pay for it but to persuade others, including the government, to shell out a generous portion of the hard-earned cash that Britain's Inland Revenue has expropriated.
The Learned Society proclaims its independence, but if it has decided to eschew the royal title and continues to take a pessimistic view of such things as Brexit and the Reform Bill - currently so popular with the chattering classes - one could be forgiven for wondering, independent from what?
And it vividly reveals what - away from the chattering classes - has become a pretty widespread belief: That Islam is to blame for the terrorist atrocities of recent months.
That would be OK by me, but would a Christian hymn be acceptable to the politically correct brigade, the chattering classes and Jeremy Corbyn?
The chattering classes like it because they can get cheap tradesmen cleaners etc.
What kind of a freedom of expression is it that has possessed our chattering classes so dazzlingly that it knows of no bounds or limits and they are giving such a blatant display of it increasingly so recklessly and self-conceitedly?
Perhaps Councillor Lucas can keep the Telegraph informed as the list piles up on her desk, before she relieves us taxpayers of more money to line the pockets of the "chattering classes".
The story draws from criminal court records, letters and journals from the period, as celebrity occultist Simon Forman, darling of the Jacobean chattering classes, guides the audience through a web of scandal, political manoeuvring and murder.
That was a scary few days for the olive-chomping chattering classes of God's Own Country.
Matt Daniel and Kris Wood - the pair behind Newcastle catering firm Jackson's - have created a new business which aims to bring the fine dining experience enjoyed by the chattering classes of Queensland, Australia, to the North East.
Matt Daniel and Kris Wood - the pair behind Newcastle-based corporate caterer Jackson's - have opened a new business which aims to bring to the North East the fine dining experience enjoyed by the chattering classes of Australia.
Last week the chattering classes got very excited about the fact the New Statesman magazine had given its backing to Ed Miliband.
How its academic elites would resist such an attempted enfranchisement with the chattering classes, Bill Haymes Compass Court, Norfolk Street, Coventry
Diana's comments undoubtedly made for much amusement among the chattering classes of her day.
Mugabe, who had two days earlier claimed victory in his country's violence- and fraud-ridden presidential elections, has fallen from hero to pariah among the chattering classes of Europe and the United States.