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cheap Charlie

A derogatory term for a miserly or parsimonious person. Used largely in countries of Southeast Asia, it likely originated in Vietnam during the Vietnam War to refer to American GIs (who called soldiers of the Viet Cong "Charlie") unwilling to spend extravagantly at bars, restaurants, or for prostitutes. Buy us a round of drinks, don't be a cheap Charlie!
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good-time Charlie

An affable, lively, and entertaining man who is often or always seeking pleasure or a good time. I was something of a good-time Charlie back in college, always ready to party. I had a lot of friends and a great time, but I didn't get very good grades as a result.
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good-time Charlie

Affable, convivial fellow, as in Joe was a typical good-time Charlie, always ready for a party. [Colloquial; 1920s]
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Alpha Charlie

n. a bawling out; a severe scolding. (Based on AC = ass-chewing. NATO Phonetic Alphabet.) The cop stopped me and gave me a real Alpha Charlie for speeding.
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Charlie Foxtrot

and CF (The CF is from the so-called NATO Phonetic Alphabet.)
1. Go to cluster fuck (sense 1).
2. Go to cluster fuck (sense 2).
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Charlie Irvine

n. a police officer. (see also Irv.) Look smart, dude, here comes Charlie Irvine.
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good-time Charlie

An easygoing and sociable guy. Popular in the 1920s, the phrase described a man who was always ready to have fun, although it sometimes meant someone who was your pal only during good times and who would desert you in your hour of need.
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