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Datacard was subsequently presented with the "Best Business Partner" award by Chams Nigeria at their 2007 Annual General Meeting.
The flexible design of the SP55 card printer allows Chams to add capabilities to meet the evolving needs of the Nigeria voter ID card program.
She said the customer engagement forum also provided Chams Access with a platform to showcase all its products to customers, adding that the company needed to demonstrate to bankers that a customer can actually walk into a branch and leave with his card because there is no reason why an applicant should leave and come back for his card if the organization is using one of several Data Card machines.
Les habitants de Majdal Chams preferent l'anonymat quand on demande leur opinion.
Yu Cheng, 28, convinced Philip Cham he had gangland connections during an unannounced visit to his restaurant in Renfrew.
Mr Cham, 43, had told Paisley Sheriff Court the yob "made demands" and told him "we know where you live".