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little gray cells

Knowledge or the power to think critically. A reference to brain cells. This medication has very serious side effects, and I would rather hang on to all of my little gray cells than extend what remains of my life by a couple of years. The detective credited his little gray cells as the reason he was able to solve such a complex and mysterious case.
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not have two (something) to rub together

To be totally bereft of or lacking in something. Oh please, that fool doesn't have two brain cells to rub together—there's no way he could pull off such an elaborate plan! There were a few months during college when I didn't have two nickels to rub together, and I had to survive off the handouts of my friends and housemates.
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not have two brain cells to rub together

To be particularly stupid; to lack any intelligence or common sense. Oh please, that fool doesn't have two brain cells to rub together—there's no way he could pull off such an elaborate plan!
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padded cell

dated A room in a psychiatric hospital that has padding on the walls to prevent patients from injuring themselves. If that patient is banging his head on the wall, move him to a padded cell so he doesn't hurt himself. Being inpatient in a psych ward today is a far cry from padded cells and straitjackets, at least in my experience.
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little grey cells

brain cells (as symbolic of high intelligence or mental acuity).
The phrase is particularly associated with the cerebral Belgian detective Hercule Poirot , invented by Agatha Christie .
2006 Scotland on Sunday They…show an amazing capacity to solve every cryptic clue, code and secret that comes their way, often merely by the use of their little grey cells and a leap of the imagination.
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not have two brain cells, pennies, etc. to rub toˈgether

(British English, informal) be very stupid, have no money, etc: How can they afford a new car? They haven’t got two pennies to rub together.
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