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Avoid cave-ins by knowing where to place your spoil pile.
OSHA said workers were exposed to serious and potentially fatal injuries from cave-ins, falls, scaffold collapses, crushing, lead and electrocution hazards.
OSHA found that the company failed to protect workers from cave-ins during trenching operations at two separate jobs sites in Lincoln, leading to a worker suffering a serious injury.
Several new categories have been added for the second edition, covering the best movie scenes involving beach houses, dueling, libraries, mine cave-ins, and whispering.
Explosions and cave-ins are common in Turkey's mines, particularly in privately run operations where respect for safety regulations is often minimal.
An earthquake struck Myanmar on Sunday causing a bridge collapse, cave-ins at several mines and damage to several old Buddhist pagodas.
Official figures say 25 people drowned, six died in house cave-ins, five were electrocuted, and one was killed by lightning.
The quake also triggered landslides and caused cave-ins on several national and regional highways in Xinjiang, bringing traffic to a halt.
Explosions and cave-ins are common in Turkey, particularly in private mines where respect for safety regulations is often minimal.
According to Saif Bin Sulaiman Al Amri, Director of the Aflaj Department, cave-ins within the underground channels are a perennial problem that leads to blockages and eventually the death of the aflaj system.
Explosions and cave-ins are not uncommon in Turkey, particularly in
The outer layer can blunt intruding claws, the middle layer deforms to dissipate energy and the inner layer provides structural support to prevent cave-ins. Ortiz hopes studying the shell could one day lead to improved materials for armor or helmets for people.
Most Gazans would prefer to do away with the tunnels, in which scores of workers have been killed in cave-ins or by Israeli air strikes.
More than 120 Palestinians have died in cave-ins or been killed by Israeli operations targeting the tunnels since the Hamas takeover, medics say.
He went down the former Skinningrove pit aged just 15, became a horse driver and witnessed many fatal accidents, cave-ins and gassings.