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A no-win dilemma or paradox, similar to damned if I do, damned if I don't. For example, You can't get a job without experience, but you can't get experience unless you have a job-it's Catch-22 . The term gained currency as the title of a 1961 war novel by Joseph Heller, who referred to an Air Force rule whereby a pilot continuing to fly combat missions without asking for relief is regarded as insane, but is considered sane enough to continue flying if he does make such a request.

(a) catch-22


a catch-22 situation

(informal) a difficult situation from which there is no escape because you need to do one thing before doing a second, and you cannot do the second thing before doing the first: I can’t get a job because I haven’t got any experience, but I can’t get experience until I get a job — it’s a catch-22 situation. Catch-22 is the title of a novel by Joseph Heller, in which the main character pretends to be crazy in order to avoid dangerous situations in war. The authorities say that he cannot be crazy if he is concerned about his own safety.


n. a directive that is impossible to obey without violating some other, equally important, directive. There was nothing I could do. It was a classic catch-22.
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With regard to the frequency of negation in Catch-22 and in the sections of general fiction in LOB-K and Brown-K, the most important conclusion is that negation is more frequent in Catch-22 than in LOB-K or Brown-K.
Frantic and furious as thousands of people he's never met try to kill him, Yossarian is stalked and thwarted by the merciless Catch-22.
It is an exploration of bureaucratic absurdity set within the con-fines of a US Second World War bomber unit and encapsulated in the mythical, mystical Catch-22 rule which ensures you'll never win however hard you try.
Picasolar won first prize in the graduate division of the state's top collegiate business plan competition, while Catch-22 took top honors in the undergraduate division before Gov.
The new motto of this form of Catch-22 democracy is "trust us, we know what we are doing.
When the novelist Joseph Heller was once asked why he had never again been able to come up with anything that matched the power of his anti-war masterpiece Catch-22 he quipped, 'Neither has anybody else.
The latter, once described as Catch-22 with stethoscopes, employed dark humor to mount a devastating indictment of the way physicians were trained in the 1970s.
It's a catch-22 for bathing operations in a nursing home: The demands of safer technology and risks of Legionella liability have stirred a trend toward institutional acceptance of the need to store hot water at 140[degrees]F or more and maintain water at 124[degrees]F or more in hot-water lines--temperatures that will neutralize or kill all bacteria.
Byatt's Essential Guide (0099452219) covers all her major themes, narrative techniques, and writings; Iris Murdoch (0099452227) covers Murdoch's works of literature and reveals the source of her ideas; and American Fiction: The Essential Guide (0099445069) provides an overview analysis of the major themes to American classics Catcher In The Rye, To Kill A Mockingbird, Native Son, and Catch-22.
The committee said Birmingham was one of several authorities 'where tenant ballots have left local authorities in Catch-22 situations, where the only financially viable routes for achieving the standard have been rejected by tenants'.
The article by Hans Sennholz ("Understanding Unemployment," November 17) leaves me with a Catch-22 feeling.
The combination of informal, implicit racism and the legacy of more explicit racism can combine to create a dramatic Catch-22 for people of color.
Senteza said gays and lesbians are in a catch-22 situation in Uganda.
While Heller published eleven other works besides the darkly comic title he is best known for, the content of this bibliography suggests that he found it hard to leave Captain John Yossarian behind him after the phenomenal success of Catch-22 in 1961.
employer in a Catch-22, since it would force them to choose between violating labor law or risking workplace discrimination lawsuits.