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Cat's Meow is also the subject of Patent Pending status within the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
The Sorcerer's Song and The Cat's Meow is an author's triumph and a reader's delight.
Known as much for his plum-red lipstick and painted nails as his surreal stand-up routines, Izzard has played a horny Charlie Chaplin (The Cat's Meow) and a disco-mad henchman (Mystery Men) and now stars as a bisexual cross-dressing officer in the World War II comedy All the Queen's Men with Matt LeBlanc, opening October 25.
The program is the cat's meow to more than 800 families on the move.
to convince veterinarians that its joint health product for mature pets -- Senior Plus -- is the cat's meow! Oh, sorry, I couldn't resist.
"Cat's Meow" is a wordy and amateurish effort on creativity and cognitive science.
In tests, terrain-following radar is the cat's meow. But tests are often held over the southwest desert, where hills and obstacles are few, and without opposing fire, so that pilots are never distracted.
This furry purse, PS19.99 from New Look is the cat's meow
Also available for $20 are new "Cat's Meow'' figures of the church.
"The size of a dog's paw is generally bigger than a cat's, and a dog can bark at you at higher decibels than a cat's meow. But both can be demanding."
As translated by, "nyan nyan" in Japanese can refer to a cat's meow sound or people having sex.
Quote: "I can't believe it, all of the sudden I'm like the cat's meow!" Tonight: Later with Jools Holland, BBC Two, 11.05pm.
“For little girls and their mothers that are looking for nail polish, it's the cat's meow,” Polston said.
In short, Puss In Boots is the cat's meow and a film that is sure to leave studio bosses feline fine!
THE CAT'S MEOW C4, 2.35am Peter Bogdanovich's fact-based film is set on William Randolph Hearst's yacht in 1924, when film producer Thomas Ince was shot dead.