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carve (out) a niche

To establish a unique role (for oneself), usually by excelling in a very specific area. I was able to carve out a niche at the farmers' market by selling something no one else was—dried beans. Our graphic designer really carved out a niche for himself with that series of innovative ads.
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carve (something) from (something)

To use a knife or other tool to carve a block or mass of some material, typically wood, into a desired shape. I'm always so impressed by artisans that can carve animal figures from blocks of wood.
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carve (something) in stone

To make something permanent and incapable of being changed, typically a plan or idea. We might get brunch next weekend, but we haven't carved anything in stone yet.
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carve (something) into (something)

1. To etch something into a particular surface or material. Don't carve your initials into your desk unless you want to get detention.
2. To use a knife or other tool to carve a block of some material, typically wood, into a desired shape. I'm always so impressed by artisans that can carve blocks of wood into beautiful animal figures.
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carve out

1. Literally, to remove the inner part of an object. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carve" and "out." The first step in this recipe is to carve out your fruit and dispose of the seeds. They made canoes by carving out big logs.
2. To establish a niche or role for oneself. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carve" and "out." It took a long time, and many small acting parts, before I was able to carve out a career as a character actor.
3. To take or obtain a portion of something. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carve" and "out." I decided to invest in their unique product because I could see it carving out a chunk of the tech market in the near future.
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carve up

1. To cut or divide something into smaller pieces. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carve" and "up." It's tradition for my dad to carve up the turkey. I think the project will feel less daunting if we carve it up into sections and each work on one.
2. To injure or damage someone or something by cutting. A noun or pronoun can be used between "carve" and "up." When that guy punched me in the face, his ring really carved me up. I hope I don't need stiches! That guy really carved up the side of my car when he sideswiped me.
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carve someone or something up

to damage someone or something by careless or purposeful cutting (of a person, can be figurative). Someone carved the tabletop up. Who did it and why? The boxer wanted to carve up his opponent.
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carve something out

to hollow something out by carving; to make something hollow by carving. Can he carve a bowl out of such soft wood? He carved out the bowl of the pipe and then began to sand it.
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carve something out (of something)

to remove something from the inside of something else by carving or cutting. She carved the insides out. She carved out the insides of the pumpkin.
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carve something up

to divide something up, perhaps carelessly. The peace treaty carved the former empire up into several countries. You can't just carve up one country and give the pieces away.
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Stone carving in Taxila is an art which goes back to the 2nd century BC, about a 100 years before Alexander the Great conquered the area.
Among the already discovered carvings is Poeung Komnou, or Poeung Keng Korng, on the northern side of Kulen Mountain.
Ongesa said the artists' problems are compounded by the large taxes they pay for their carvings. He asked the government to consider slicing taxes on art as one way of encouraging more people to come on board.
There are no signatures or marks of any kind on the bases of any of these carvings, but the carving style is quite distinctive, with the bases left somewhat rough and unpolished compared with the finish to the actual figures.
Aside from emphasizing the elongated "statue" heads, Waring also pointed out how most of these "carvings" appear "unfinished." He also pointed out that some "carvings" appear out of place: like a huge slab of rock that looks smooth, another "unfinished carving" that also appears smooth, and one that looks like a piece of "technology."
Trujillo's carvings in the OJOT Gallery:
I was outside eight hours at a crack carving ice," Rebholz says, noting that was a time when he needed his boots made for 100 degrees below zero.
Dumfries Museum will host an exhibition of work produced by the project and the Dumfries Archive will share their historic records of the stone carving craft.
Following reports about stone carvings in the area, a team of archeologists was dispatched to investigate and discovered carvings and other remnants of old civilizations.
Peppard said that each of these carvings will sell for $175 to $375.
Keywords: Aesthetics preferences, natural ventilation, assessing and Malay wood carvings
THESE tiny, pencil-tip carvings have become the signature work of a - very patient - artist.
GILGIT -- More than 30,000 ancient rock carvings in the province of Gilgit-Baltistan were falling prey to disfigurement due to lack of archeological expertise and focus by the authorities concerned.
A JOINT effort has secured new sandstone carvings in a country park worth PS2,400.