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à la carte

Available to be purchased individually instead of bundled with other items. Most often describes items on a menu that are not part of a main dish. I wasn't very hungry, so I opted to buy a few side items à la carte instead of a full meal.
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carte blanche

The freedom to do whatever one wants or deems necessary, especially with a particular task or assignment. This French phrase means "blank card" in English. I can't believe the boss gave me carte blanche to organize the conference—he's usually such a micro-manager!
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give (one) carte blanche

To give one the freedom to do whatever one wants or deems necessary, especially with a particular task or assignment. This French phrase means "blank card" in English. I can't believe the boss gave me carte blanche to organize the conference—he's usually such a micromanager!
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*carte blanche

Fig. freedom or permission to act as one wishes or thinks necessary. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) He's been given carte blanche with the reorganization of the workforce. The manager has been given no instructions about how to train the staff. He has carte blanche from the owner.
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ˌcarte ˈblanche (to do something)

(from French) complete freedom or authority to do anything you like: The detective was given carte blanche to read any files he liked in his search for the murderer.The French expression means ‘blank paper’ on which somebody could write their own conditions for an agreement.
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carte blanche

Complete freedom, unlimited power. The term is French for “blank paper,” used in the same sense as “blank check”—that is, anything may be filled in. In the 1600s it was used in the military for unconditional surrender. After World War I it was broadened to civilian contexts, such as “He’s the best mechanic we have; the boss gave him carte blanche to handle all the repairs.”
See also: blanche, carte
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Durant le 1er trimestre 2019, le reseau GAB a realise 77,5 millions de retraits effectues par les cartes bancaires marocaines et etrangeres, en progression de +7,4%, pour un montant global de 70,1 milliards de dirhams (MMDH), en progression de +7,8%, soit une activite mensuelle moyenne de 3.859 operations de retrait pour un montant global de 3,4 millions de dirhams (MDH) pour chaque GAB.
Since April, Cartes has been using some of his massive fortune, perhaps just a small part, to buy up media outlets and form what is already the sector's leading holding company.
En el objeto y su contexto, el profesor Valle Gastaminza presenta la carte de visite como el formato de alcance universal que revoluciono la fotografia, situandola en el contexto de la epoca (periodo romantico).
Cartes met separately on Wednesday with Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff and Chile's President Sebastian Pinera.
Cartes also promised to reform the Colorado Party that was voted out of power in 2008 after six decades of consecutive rule for alleged rampant corruption, saying he will lead "a serious, honest, capable, visionary and patriotic government".
Cartes himself has expressed a desire to achieve Paraguay's reinstatement in Mercosur despite the bloc's left-leaning membership.
Nous examinons en premiere partie de cette etude l'environnement juridique des cartes de debit au Canada, soit la legislation, le Code de pratique canadien et les contrats bancaires.
CARTES is recognised worldwide as the leading event for digital security and smart-card technologies.
Jeu de Cartes, originally choreographed by Balanchine for the American Ballet, had its world premiere in 1937 to a commissioned score by Stravinksy.
AMEN BANK, ayant fait de l'innovation son credo, vient de lancer le payement [beaucoup moins que]sans contactsecurise [beaucoup plus grand que] (ou [beaucoup moins que]secure contactless[beaucoup plus grand que]), qui permet a ses porteurs de cartes de realiser desormais des operations de payement, d'une maniere acceleree et en toute simplicite et securite, d'autant plus que ce projet a ete certifie par Visa et Mastercard.
Les paiements par cartes marocaines representent 97,9% des transactions et 91,6% en montant.
Cartes will show the Gemini 360 Series in the GE362ZL R-L configuration, a solution that allows customers to combine as per their needs a flexo varnishing and a laser converting unit.
La section de recherches de la Gendarmerie nationale d'Alger a demantele recemment un reseau criminel de 13 individus specialise dans la falsification des documents administratifs des vehicules (cartes d'inscription, declarations de vente et cartes de controle) dans plusieurs wilayas, a l'instar d'Alger, Oran, Tebessa et Blida, et ce avec la complicite de fonctionnaires administratifs.
Paraguayan President Horacio Cartes announced Friday that he intends to relocate Paraguay's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by the end of his term.
OT has been a long-standing partner since the launch of the Carte Vitale health card system in the early 1990s, and brings SESAM-Vitale its full range of expertise in the healthcare market, its comprehensive knowledge of security requirements and its significant experience in the process of manufacturing and customizing Cartes Vitale and European Health Insurance Cards.