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more (something) than Carter('s) has (liver) pills

old-fashioned A huge number of something; an amount of something that is greater than one can count. A reference to a popular patent medicine created in 1868 called "Carter's Little Liver Pills" (renamed "Carter's Little Pills" in 1959). I swear, that boy's got more excuses than Carter has liver pills! Their company's got more money problems than Carter's has pills—I wouldn't be surprised if they went bankrupt next week!
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more something than Carter has (liver) pills

Fig. a great deal of something. (Older; refers to a product called Carter's Little Liver Pills.) Why he's got more problems than Carter has pills! Bobby has more marbles than Carter has liver pills!
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Kim Jong-il did go to China and was very close to them," Carter said.
Carter fails miserably in presenting his argument because his book is riddled with gross historic inaccuracies, colossal factual errors, glaring omissions and a plethora of distorted statements.
His great fortune is that Carter left behind a diary marvelous in quantity and quality; it is both extensive and expressive, and it is the vivid centerpiece of Isaac's microhistory.
The professed purpose of this book is to warn Americans about the present course of the Republicans controlling the government; to explain the cause behind the extremely antagonistic attitude that Republicans and Democrats hold toward each other; and to point out the direction that Carter, as a pious man with political experience, believes that our country should go.
In assailing (mostly) Republicans and right-wing Christians for betraying both their country and their faith, Carter applies the skills that he's honed all his life in all sorts of pulpits.
The maltreatment Carter experienced as a commissioned U.
Coach Carter may reveal a somewhat kinder, gentler Jackson, but with a vital message for coaches, athletes, and parents.
The tradition began at the Carters' kitchen table, Kenneth Carter recalled.
Carter put forth a training program for AFDC recipients, an early stab at welfare reform.
We'd experiment, go in and figure out how to do something, it was sink or swim," says Carter, who was graphic designer and production manager for Limousin World at the time.
Years before Madonna draped herself provocatively in the American flag and decades before Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction robbed her of her broadcasting powers, Lynda Carter was forging those pathways and more.
Stephen Carter, an Atlanta-area dentist, and Ken Cunefare, an engineering professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, are currently developing what could be an excellent alternative to traditional cleaning processes.
Former President Jimmy Carter reaffirmed his commitment to the separation of church and state during a recent media interview.
Carter Trust was established in 1956 under the will of Mattie K.