capitalize on

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capitalize on (something)

To take advantage of a particular opportunity or situation for one's benefit. We need to capitalize on that team's losing streak and overtake them in the standings. You finally got an interview at that company, so you need to capitalize on it, because you might not get another one.
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capitalize on something

Fig. to build on something; to exploit something, such as an opportunity of talent, to one's own benefit. Let's try to capitalize on the strength of the economy and invest for the future. Capitalize on your experience in the field and you'll do well in the interview.
See also: capitalize, on
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Ron, Tom and Dominique's expertise will ensure that Always-On has the senior management in these key areas to become a leader in the growing ASP market and to capitalize on the opportunities before us.
They are well-suited to capitalize on the long-term growth of the Internet.
As a public entity, we will be well positioned to capitalize on these opportunities and unlock the long-term value of our business model.