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Gland Canyon

n. the cleavage (between the breasts). (see also Mammary Lane.) I’d like nothing better than being lost in Gland Canyon.
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yodeling in a canyon

in. talking aimlessly. You are just yodeling in a canyon if you think I really care about it.
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But before he reached the bottom of the canyon he again was forced to the realization that his great strength was waning, and when he dropped exhausted at the foot of the cliff and saw before him the opposite wall that must be scaled, he bared his fighting fangs and growled.
As he crossed the floor of the canyon he saw something lying close to the base of the side wall he was approaching-something that stood out in startling contrast to all the surroundings and yet seemed so much a part and parcel of the somber scene as to suggest an actor amid the settings of a well-appointed stage, and, as though to carry out the allegory, the pitiless rays of flaming Kudu topped the eastern cliff, picking out the thing lying at the foot of the western wall like a giant spotlight.
Again and again he slipped back from sheer exhaustion and would have fallen to the floor of the canyon but for merest chance.
Ahead he scanned the rough landscape for sign of another canyon which he knew would spell inevitable doom.
Even if no canyon intervened, his chances of surmounting even low hills seemed remote should he have the fortune to reach their base; but with another canyon hope was dead.
It was a land that Tarzan never had looked upon before, nor was it likely that the foot of another white man ever had touched it unless, possibly, in some long-gone day the adventurer whose skeleton he had found bleaching in the canyon had traversed it.
Had this hole existed in the bed of a canyon a mile long, or several miles long, it would have been well known.
Then he stole across the tiny meadow, pausing once and again to listen, and faded away out of the canyon like a wraith, soft-footed and without sound.
There was little opportunity for the spirit of the place to return with its quietude and repose, for the man's voice, raised in ragtime song, still dominated the canyon with possession.
Then he smoked a pipe by the smouldering coals, listening to the night noises and watching the moonlight stream through the canyon.
In the morning he stole a march on the sun, for he had finished breakfast when its first rays caught him, and he was climbing the wall of the canyon where it crumbled away and gave footing.
He looked again and decided that it was the purple haze of the hills made dark by a convolution of the canyon wall at its back.
An' right here an' now I name this yere canyon 'All Gold Canyon,' b' gosh
The big question at College of the Canyons these days: Will high-profile football prospect Wallace Bates decide to go out for the team?
It might have been the home-pool advantage or maybe it was the team's overwhelming depth, but Canyons Aquatic Club continued its impressive summer long-course season this past weekend at the Southern California Swimming AA Championships at the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center.