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slang A large motorcycle, often a Harley-Davidson. I can't wait to get my hog out on the open road and feel the wind in my hair.

welfare Cadillac

Used to describe a person or group who receives government financial aid (perhaps fraudulently) and buys expensive, ostentatious things. As a someone who is struggling financially without the help of the government, I find those welfare Cadillacs infuriating.
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1. n. the name of something powerful or superior. (From the name of the automobile.) Acme is the Cadillac of monochrome closed-circuit retail surveillance equipment.
2. n. a powerful drug, especially cocaine. (Drugs.) Just a pinch of Cadillac in my junk seems to keep me a little more lively.


1. and hog cadillac n. a large car; a souped up car. (see also road hog.) How do you like my new hog? Where are you going to park that hog cadillac.
2. n. a police officer; a pig. The hogs are on to you.
3. n. an addict who requires very large doses to sustain the habit. (Drugs.) Ernie is turning into a hog. He just can’t get enough.
4. n. phencyclidine (PCP), an animal tranquilizer. (Drugs.) We’re glad to learn that the demand for hog is tapering off.

hog cadillac

See hog
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The Cadillac ATS Coupe is one of the most connected cars in its segment.
"Because of Cadillac's broad sales network worldwide, I can guarantee the recent issue will not affect our company," GM Korea President Kim Young-sik also told reporters during a press conference in Seoul in mid-January.
Last year, GM plucked de Nysschen from Nissan's Infiniti division to head Cadillac's reinvention as a global brand while moving the division's headquarters from rusty Detroit to upscale SoHo in Manhattan.
The irony of Cadillac "going global" runs thick, as the carmaker's tagline in its Atomic Age heyday was "The Standard of the World." Today, German and Asian brands have long since eroded Cadillac's market and mind-share.
The 1977 Cadillac Seville bought and driven by Elvis Presley is a new attraction at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu
Suffice to say, things are changing big time over at Cadillac. "This change is about expanding Cadillac ...
Duncan Peat, managing director of Liberty Automobiles, and Rajesh Krishnan, senior general manager, Sales and Marketing, Liberty Automobiles, accepted the recognition from Bob Ferguson, General Motors' vice-president for Cadillac Global Operations, Chase Hawkins, vice-president, US Cadillac Sales and Don Butler, vice-president, US Cadillac Marketing.
The new Cadillac dealership, Titus-Will Olympia is offering the Cadillac Shield luxury ownership advantage with the purchase of every new Cadillac vehicle.
A pink Cadillac the singer gave to his mother is sometimes said to be the most famous car in the world.
The new Cadillac SLS has been designed specifically for the rapidly growing Chinese luxury market where it is considered demeaning for users to be seen driving prestige cars themselves.
Howell says that a few years ago he took on the assignment to find the ways and means to increase the perceived quality of Cadillacs. He went looking for processes, suppliers, and ideas.
It is one of the first Cadillacs designed under the 'Art & Science' influence, and it shows with an extremely bold look packed with razor-edge lines and extreme profiles.
But few people under age 50 now aspire to owning a Cadillac -- and that's in North America, which accounts for 98 percent of sales Outside the U.S., where GM sold fewer than 5,000 Cadillacs last year, the brand lives on in a time warp of tailfins and Elvis.