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slang A large motorcycle, often a Harley-Davidson. I can't wait to get my hog out on the open road and feel the wind in my hair.

welfare Cadillac

Used to describe a person or group who receives government financial aid (perhaps fraudulently) and buys expensive, ostentatious things. As a someone who is struggling financially without the help of the government, I find those welfare Cadillacs infuriating.
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1. n. the name of something powerful or superior. (From the name of the automobile.) Acme is the Cadillac of monochrome closed-circuit retail surveillance equipment.
2. n. a powerful drug, especially cocaine. (Drugs.) Just a pinch of Cadillac in my junk seems to keep me a little more lively.


1. and hog cadillac n. a large car; a souped up car. (see also road hog.) How do you like my new hog? Where are you going to park that hog cadillac.
2. n. a police officer; a pig. The hogs are on to you.
3. n. an addict who requires very large doses to sustain the habit. (Drugs.) Ernie is turning into a hog. He just can’t get enough.
4. n. phencyclidine (PCP), an animal tranquilizer. (Drugs.) We’re glad to learn that the demand for hog is tapering off.

hog cadillac

See hog
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The students were asked by Liberty Automobiles, one of the largest General Motors dealerships in the UAE, to present a strategy which would ignite engagement with Cadillac on social media, change brand perceptions and increase young people's awareness of the Cadillac range throughout the country as part of their final year studies.
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