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cover your ass

take steps to protect yourself.
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Cover your ass

and CYA
sent. & comp. abb. Do what is necessary to protect yourself from discovery or criticism. (Usually objectionable.) CYA when the shit hits the fan.
See also: ass, cover


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com/) is one of OIS's newest product additions and is now being promoted through the CYA Program.
5 can also utilise CYA solution to ensure a successful data migration.
Three years ago, CYA and BOC entered into a joint agreement known as the Victims' Reparation Project.
Web-based Central Management Console: Enables all CYA SmartRecovery operations including granular recovery, job monitoring, and job scheduling to be managed from any location.
We are very encouraged by the substantial support that we continue to receive from our investors to expand our overall market opportunity," said Wayne Crandall, president and CEO of CYA Technologies.
For more information about Free Venture, please contact the CYA at (916) 262-1479.
In addition to providing the remedial plans to the court, the CYA also agrees to implement several immediate changes in its operations including implementing an "open programming model" at N.
CYA SmartRecovery protects ECM repositories against more than 80 percent of all information loss incidents, which result from common, everyday occurrences such as programmatic, human, and logical errors, malfeasance, and metadata corruption.
CYA employs a well-documented set of quality standards for its software development to ensure that each client receives the best quality software possible," said Bruce Rudolph, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for CYA Technologies.
CYA SmartRecovery performs synchronous, incremental captures of the content and metadata as frequently as every 15 minutes while FileNet P8 remains online, maintaining information integrity and authenticity.
What kind of young man will we get from CYA in 13 years?
Wayne Crandall, CEO of CYA Technologies, a leading provider of recovery and replication software for enterprise content management (ECM) systems, is a data backup and recovery industry veteran available to speak on the importance of data backup, recovery management, disaster recovery and business continuity as it relates to structured information.
Clive Kennedy, a psychologist who was appointed by the court to evaluate the 13-year-old, recommended against sending the boy to the CYA.