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cover (one's) ass

rude slang To act in order to avoid blame or responsibility for something or prevent oneself from experiencing negative consequences. I immediately covered my ass by saying that I wasn't home when the puppy got out. Politicians don't care about the outcome of the vote, they just care about covering their asses.
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rude slang An initialism of "cover your ass," meaning to act in order to avoid blame or responsibility for something or prevent oneself from experiencing negative consequences. Hey, if you weren't home when the puppy got out, CYA. You're like every other politician: you don't care about the outcome of the vote, you just CYA.
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cover your ass

take steps to protect yourself.
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Cover your ass

and CYA
sent. & comp. abb. Do what is necessary to protect yourself from discovery or criticism. (Usually objectionable.) CYA when the shit hits the fan.
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cover one's/your ass (CYA)

Protect oneself in case of failure, avoid being blamed for something. This rather rude expression dates from the 1950s and may have originated in the military. It has since been used in many different contexts. For example, the McLaughlin Group, a television panel, used the acronymic form: “Is he a hero . . . [or] a CYA practitioner?” (July 26, 1987).
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The morphological characteristics of the fungal isolates were studied by growing on PDA, CYA, MEA and Sabouraud dextrose agar (SDA) media.
Compared with DM + EtOH I/R group, LDH release was increased in DM + EtOH + CYA I/R, DM + EtOH + Atr I/R, and DM + EtOH + Wor I/R groups (Table 2).
They concluded that steroid avoidance, or withdrawal within a few days of transplant, appeared to be safe options when coupled with antilymphocyte antibody induction therapy and maintenance immunosuppression consisting of either CyA or TAC and MMF or a similar agent, mycophenolic acid (MPA).
I figured that this exercise was legal CYA so that, if a resident misbehaved, the powers that be couldn't be sued by patients or by a resident who was expelled.
* Too much CYA. Often the worst of the productivity-eating wolves show up in sheep's clothing--or even as the shepherd.
Another friend adds: "Hey u b**ch cya wednesday xxx" - believed to be a reference to Liburd's appearance at Bradford Crown Court on Wednesday.
Cyclosporin A (CyA) is a cyclic endecapeptide with potent immunosuppressive properties, which has made it the drug of choice in many transplantation procedures.
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Real-world, most controllers would not expect you to fly the racetrack at ISUBE, but you can CYA one of two ways: You can ask for direct to SAGOE or WINAL instead, or you can readback that you're, "...
The CYA distrust of science leads to waste, at all quarters, and makes us irrationally comfortable.
CYA Technologies, a provider of solutions protecting enterprise content management (ECM) investments, announced on Thursday (18 December) that it has expanded its global footprint by entering into partnership agreements with Docbyte, IT Magic Solutions and WindowLogic, providers of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions and service.
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Em apenas a cepa A43 mostrou-se produtora de aflatoxina virtude destes resultados nao serem satisfatorios, realizou-se um novo experimento, em que as cepas produtoras foram inoculadas nos meios CYA e YES por sete dias (pre-inoculo).