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(as) rough as a cob

Coarse and unrefined in manner, demeanor, or quality; tough. Primarily heard in Australia. The old farmhand is rough as a cob, but he's got a heart of gold underneath the tough exterior. Let's not walk down that dark street past those guys who look as rough as a cob. Frankie seems rough as a cob, so I'm not surprised he challenged you to a fight.
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get a cob on

To become angry, agitated, or irritated. Primarily heard in UK. John always gets a cob on over the traffic on his way to work. Don't get a cob on—I was only trying to be helpful!
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have a cob on

To be angry, agitated, or irritated. Primarily heard in UK. John always has a cob on after getting stuck in traffic on his way to work. I don't know why you have a cob on—I was only trying to be helpful!
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have (or get) a cob on

be annoyed or in a bad mood. British informal
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1. n. a sharp poke or goose in the anus. Ouch! That cob hurt!
2. tv. to give someone a sharp poke in the anus. Tom cobbed Fred when he passed by.
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Larger draught horses of course had more strength for farm work, but they couldn't trot at speed for 10 miles pulling a carriage like a Welsh Cob could, so if you owned a draught team, you would also have to own a lighter, speedier animal for carriage work and riding, whereas the Welsh Cob was capable of performing all of these tasks, and it could survive on far less fodder than a large draught animal.
Some maize remained stubbornly stuck on the cobs even after repeated threshing, and you had to forcibly remove them with your fingers.This caused painful sores on the thumb that would leave your palms full of hard scones, effectively scaring off prospective dates.
You can test the cobs for ripeness by squeezing a grain between your thumb and finger and seeing what liquid comes out.
Drought had a slight but a significant negative effect on cob length, cob diameter and grain rows per cob under both green house and field conditions.
Coat 4 cobs in sesame seeds and roast in 2 tbsp sesame oil and 200g white miso paste until cooked through.
He said: "Being made president of the Welsh Pony & Cob Society in 2011 was one of the greatest accolades bestowed on me.
The need for and role of a separate COB evolves for different reasons.
"We hadn't been eating corn on the cob so he must have picked it up while outside."
The ELPL-COB-100W series is a complete LED grow light-engine on a COB chip.
Plant height and cob length were recorded at maturity in the field.
"Corn on the cob is one of those things that harkens back to summertime and picnics, barbecues and family gatherings," says Lori Bigras, senior marketing manager of Growers Express, in Salinas, Calif.
The 60-square-meter house is made of sustainable materials like bamboo, river stones, coconut lumber and cob (a mixture of soil, water and hay), sawdust and lime.
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For my friend, a house made of clay, sand and straw might be even stranger than a house made of com cobs, but earth homes like the one my husband and I live in have a long history.
By making special cobs that are stronger than usual (with extra straw), you can build projections out from the main wall.