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comme ci, comme ça

So-so; average or fair. From French, literally "like this, like that." A: "How's the project going?" B: "Eh, comme ci, comme ça. It's progressing, but not as fast as we would like."
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plus ça change (plus c'est la même chose)

From French, meaning "the more things change, the more they remain the same." In English, the phrase is used in reference to problems or bad situations that remain the same, even when people or things involved in them are different. We move into a fancy new office, and still the servers crash all the time. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Plus ça change, eh? Even with the so-called champion of the working man in office, it's still the wealthy elite getting all the tax breaks.
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plus ça ˈchange (, plus c’est la même ˈchose)

/%plu: s& "SQ~nZ; American English "SO:~Z/ (from French, saying) some things never really change, even though details such as time and people involved may be different: Despite assurances that this year’s competition would welcome new talent and new ideas, none of the newcomers have reached the final round. Plus ça change...
The meaning of the full expression in French is ‘the more it changes, the more it stays the same’.
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Jordan, like Hancock and Chambers, cautions against establishing short rotations for CAEs who don't have previous audit experience.
A multilevel underwater CAES system integrated with battery pack is proposed by Wang et al.
Foram inclusos caes sem alteracao no exame fisico (auscultacao cardiopulmonar, temperatura retal, tempo de preenchimento capilar), laboratorial (hemograma completo, dosagem serica da alaninoaminotrasferase e creatinina) e oftalmico (teste da lagrima de Schirmer, reflexos pupilares direto e consensual, biomicroscopia em lampada de fenda, tonometria de aplanacao digital, oftalmoscopia indireta e teste de tingimento com fluoresceina).
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There are two CAES plants in operation worldwide, namely Macintosh and Huntorf.
The lifetime costs for a CAES system can make it work as a means for storing cheap off-peak electricity and selling it during peak hours, but capital costs and difficulties finding suitable geological structures (generally caverns within salt formations) have limited the technology's applications.
Dresser-Rand has purchased all patents, trademarks and other intellectual property associated with compressed air energy storage (CAES) technology developed by Dr.
O abandono de caes e um importante problema de saude publica (1, 2) e de bem-estar animal (3, 4), com causas multiplas relacionadas a fatores religiosos, culturais e socioeconomicos.
The widespread occurrence of QA in combination with the delineation of QA as having many biological dietary properties leading to anti-aging properties such as DNA repair enhancement, anti-inflammation, immune function enhancement, antioxidation and neurogenic effects (13-16), has been a strong motivation to search in a variety of foodstuffs and natural nutraceutical products for the occurrence of CAEs, QAEs and QA.
The Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES) is a public/private partnership that includes: the State of Idaho through its academic research institutions, Boise State University, Idaho State University, and the University of Idaho; the federal government through the Department of Energy; and, private industry including the Battelle Energy Alliance, which manages the Idaho National Laboratory (INL).
McGrane said the technology would be environmentally friendly, with per megawatt emissions from compressed air energy storage (CAES) about one-third of conventional fossil fuel generation plants.