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plus ça change (plus c'est la même chose)

From French, meaning "the more things change, the more they remain the same." In English, the phrase is used in reference to situations or problems that remain the same, even when people or things involved in them are different. We move into a fancy new office, and still, the server crashes all the time. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Plus ça change, eh? Even with the so-called champion of the working man in office, it's still the wealthy elite getting all the tax breaks.
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plus ça ˈchange (, plus c’est la même ˈchose)

/%plu: s& "SQ~nZ; American English "SO:~Z/ (from French, saying) some things never really change, even though details such as time and people involved may be different: Despite assurances that this year’s competition would welcome new talent and new ideas, none of the newcomers have reached the final round. Plus ça change...
The meaning of the full expression in French is ‘the more it changes, the more it stays the same’.
See also: ca, change, plus
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Como se observa en la Tabla 3, Unicamente un sinohablante emplea en concreto con caracter de marcador discursivo, pues, en los restantes ejemplos del CAES (3 ocurrencias), se usa concreto como adjetivo pleno.
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Bench height studies undertaken since the CAES and Aquila systems were installed on the shovels and drills, respectively, indicate that average bench height has been reduced to just 0.
Mr Buhl also notes that, "in efficiency alone, the Vulcan system has more than paid for itself," and that it "has worked extremely well integrating with other software," such as Aquila and CAES.
Operators see real-time virtual site-plans aboard their machines; they can view current topography and cross-sections, which CAES updates in real time as the surface is altered.
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