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and co.

An abbreviation for "and company," used after someone's name to indicate or account for other people involved with that person. A: "Naturally, Phil and co. objected to our revamped logo." B: "Of course. Those old fogies are determined to keep the brand stuck in the Dark Ages." What time are Lisa and co. supposed to get here? No, I'm not on my own for the garage sale anymore—Pete and co. said they'd help me out.
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co-opt (one) into (something)

To convince one to take a certain action or position. I think he was beginning to see the benefits of our plan, but we'll never co-opt him into it now that you've insulted him!


Of a set of parents who were previously married or in a relationship with each other, to jointly raise their child(ren). My ex-boyfriend and I co-parent, so the kids will be with him this weekend. John co-parents with his ex-wife.


Of a set of parents who were previously married or in a relationship with each other, the act of jointly raising their child(ren). I know co-parenting isn't always easy, but at least the kids get to spend time with both of you.


Of a parent, to sleep in the same bed or room as one or more of their small or infant children. We're going to try cosleeping once the baby is born.


To wash one's hair using only conditioner (rather than shampoo and conditioner). "Co" is short for "conditioner." Ladies with thick, curly hair have taken to co-washing their tresses, to avoid stripping their hair of natural oils.

go co-op

Typically said of an apartment building that has become a cooperative (or "co-op")—a building in which residents do not own property but rather own shares in the corporation that owns the building. I can't believe that our building is going co-op—I might need to move.
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I should cocoa!

dated No way; there's no chance; you must be joking; I think not. From rhyming slang of the sarcastic phrase "I should say so," meaning the same. Primarily heard in UK. Bob: "So, are you going to finally join us for some karaoke?" Janet: "I should cocoa!"
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co-opt someone into something

to convince someone of a differing view to adopt one's position or philosophy. They tried to co-opt the students into rioting. There is no point in trying to co-opt them into it. They are too clever.
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