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between hawk and buzzard

Caught between two extremes or two factions. The settlers on the border of the two warring states found themselves caught between hawk and buzzard.
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n. an old man; a mean old man. (Especially with old.) Some old buzzard is at the door asking for Mary Wilson.

buzzard meat

n. someone or something that is dead or outdated. If you don’t watch out, you’re going to become buzzard meat!
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But joining the corvids at this alternative dining table were a red kite and a buzzard.
In any book written about Gable, there is always a section talking about Buzzards contribution to Gables growth from a high school wrestler to taking the college wrestling world by storm the next year, winning the Midlands title as a true freshman
Mr McMorn, of Ancroft Town Farm who managed six pheasant shoots on 11 farms in Northumberland, claimed the buzzards were causing serious damage and had made his business unviable.
Dad-of-two Darren Sheppard suffered head wounds after the buzzard sank its talons into him.
BART the buzzard is a free bird again - a year after being caught in a rabbit snare.
Admittedly it's thanks to hard fought campaigns by the likes of the RSPB that buzzards are no longer an endangered species.
Common buzzards are considered territorial birds that usually do not migrate long distances.
Last week the government announced a controversial plan to spend pounds 400,000 researching ways to stop buzzards annoying gamekeepers by targeting captive-reared game birds.
The gamekeeper, of Kempton, Lydbury North, Shropshire, used a shotgun to kill and attempt to kill common buzzards in May and July last year.
One of the witnesses saw Mr Burden shoot a number of buzzards and also club to death a number of badgers that had been caught in snares.
Locals fear yobs in the area may have been trying to take the young buzzards for illegal hunting.
Buzzards can be found near Prestatyn, on the hillside around the Offa's Dyke Path, but rarely in the town itself.
BUZZARDS BAY Alice (Gouveris) Christy, 90, of Buzzards Bay, formerly of Worcester, died Thursday, July 5th.
Buzzards Bay, winner of the 2005 Santa Anita Derby and a pair of graded stakes, including the Oaklawn Park Handicap a year ago, established himself as a leading contender for the $750,000 Hollywood Gold Cup on June 30 with the victory in the 54th running of the Grade II Californian.
8 million contract, NAMS installed the Cape Cod Canal Marine Traffic Control System (MTCS) Upgrade at the Corps' field office in Buzzards Bay.