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(let the) buyer beware

proverb It is the buyer's responsibility to be sure that they are not being cheated or overcharged. In no place is the adage "buyer beware" truer than when buying something off an online classifieds ad. It's no one's fault but your own if you paid good money for a dud of a car. Let the buyer beware.
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a buyer's market

An economic situation in which supply is greater than demand, thereby resulting in lower prices, more choices, and greater leverage for the buyer. The opposite is called a seller's market. The recent advances in solar-panel technology have made it a buyer's market for those looking to integrate solar energy into their homes or businesses. I'd keep renting for now—if the real estate bubble bursts again, it will become a buyer's market for houses.
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Let the buyer beware.

Prov. Cliché When you buy something, you must take precautions against being cheated, because you cannot trust merchants to be honest about what they sell. Let the buyer beware when shopping for a used car. Several of the lamps among those Max offered for sale were broken. "If a customer isn't smart enough to try a lamp before he buys it, that's his problem," Max argued. "Let the buyer beware."
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a ˌbuyer’s ˈmarket

a situation in which there is a lot of a particular item for sale, so that prices are low and people buying have a choice: We got a very good deal on our new car — it really is a buyer’s market at the moment. OPPOSITE: a seller’s market
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