button down

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button (something) down

To fasten or secure something in place with buttons. A noun can be used between "button" and "down." Button down your pocket so that nothing falls out of it.
See also: button, down

button something down

to fasten something down with buttons. Button your collar down. You look too casually dressed. Please button down your collar.
See also: button, down
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Instead of a shortA[degrees]sleeved button down, wear a longA[degrees]sleeved shirt and then cuff the sleeves.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Uniform Garments For The Asheville Police Department Men%s Uniform short sleeve shirts; 100% VISA Polyester, Zipper front, with Button Down over zipper, shoulder epaulets, stitched in military creases; Color Dark Navy; SENTRY PLUS ITEM# HS1250 ONLY, Qty 250